5 Thrilling Budget PC Games In 2020

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Don’t we all love the thrill of playing a game and advancing through the levels? But, when it comes to the best games, we also have to gear up with the latest and most powerful processors, graphics card, and such other accessories. Now, that’s not possible at all times. And we might just want to have some thrilling and relaxing gaming session, nothing too hard-core. So, what do you do? Well, worry not. Even in 2020 you will find budget PC games that will run perfectly fine on your modest system that was meant for office works only. Let’s check them out. 

Budget PC Games In 2020 For Some Relaxation And Fun

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You don’t always need a gaming console or the latest processor, high RAM capacity, and best graphics card if you wish to enjoy few PC games. These budget PC games are still going strong in 2020 and will give you enough enjoyment. 

Microsoft Asphalt Series 

I was pleasantly surprised by the graphics quality and gameplay of Asphalt. It comes absolutely free in the Microsoft store and anyone with a genuine Windows 10 version will be able to download the game in the most modest of PCs and laptops in the market. The game supports gamepad and thus you can attach your PC to your large-screen TV with the help of a HDMI cable and enjoy the game at your home without having to pay a dime! Of course there are in-game purchases, but the free options are plenty to keep it exciting. And, you will not miss out on much if you decide not to buy anything. 

Counter Strike

When it comes to FPS multiplayer or single player gaming action Counter Strike still ranks among the best ones. True, you will find the old graphics, but that will not hamper your gameplay in the slightest. You can even pair up with your buddies and play with opponents live using a LAN connectivity. This game will probably never go out of style. 

Hack Series

The Hack series is one of the most underrated games that you need to check out if you are yet to play it. The game takes you back to the old DOS based days when the only means of communicating with the computer was through commands types through keyboard. You assume the role of a hacker and someone starts giving you instructions. The person knows a bit too much about you, and wants to use your skill for various purposes. The game has enough hidden clues to keep you on your toes. The best part is that it will run on almost any system you have right now. 


Unless you have been living under a rock, this games need no further introduction. It is available from Microsoft and remains one of the most entertaining games that has no fixed gameplay or winning strategy. More than being a game, it is a huge community that develops different worlds for a person to play in. The options are literally limitless. 

Prince Of Persia Series

And, finally, yet another one of my favourites. The game from Ubisoft has an intriguing storyline with constant challenges that develops the skills of your character. You have enough free movement within the game to keep it extremely interesting. The storyline is long enough to keep you engaged for hours. 

Which of the budget PC games do you love? Do let us know your choices. And, check these games out. 

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