6 Great Windows 10 Features: New Game Bar

6 Great Windows 10 Features: New Game Bar

The May 2019 update of Windows 10 features a brand new game bar. This game bar is not just for taking videos but is overly packed with beneficial tools. You will find features like quick panels for seeing resource use, playing music on Spotify, and for making adjustments in applications. All in all, the game bar in Windows 10 features something exclusively for all levels of users.

Windows 10 Features: Adjusting Application Volume

The feature that enables you to make adjustments to the application volume is useful even for individuals who are not into gaming. The only thing you need to do is open the game bar within Windows and make use of the audio panel for adjusting the volume of different running apps. You can do this even though you are playing games. How cool is it! Right?

6 Great Windows 10 Features: New Game Bar
6 Great Windows 10 Features: New Game Bar

Windows 10 Features: Monitoring System Performance

You get to monitor the performance of your system as the game bar in windows 10 comes with a performance panel. This panel offers information regarding the current GPU, RAM, and COU usage of the user. You will also be able to get information on the use of existing resources. Graphic representation of the use of the system over the last sixty seconds is also available.

You need to use the Windows+G option for using the game bar. It is not just while playing games that you can do so, but even when you are not playing any game. It would be faster for you to access information by going this way instead of using Task Manager.

Getting Panels On Top

When you are using the system, the panel will appear on the top just by clicking on the “Pin” sign. For example, if you are pinning the sound panel, it will appear on top of anything you are doing on your system. It will give you quick access to the sound settings of different applications. Even title bars can be dragged for moving the panels around the screen.

Playing Music On Spotify

Windows 10’s game bar also features an exclusively useful functionality for its users, and it is Spotify integration. Click on the menu option and choose Spotify for pulling it up. The moment you do this, Spotify will appear on the screen. You can quickly sign into the account you own and use the widget for controlling playback and playing music. You will find it handier than using Alt+ Tab out of the full-screen games you are engaged in.

6 Great Windows 10 Features: New Game Bar
6 Great Windows 10 Features: New Game Bar

Capturing Gameplay Videos

Windows 10 game bar still features the Broadcasts & Capture pane that helps the users in recording their gameplays, capturing screenshots, and live-streaming or Beam. This pane can even be used for recording in the background automatically and for saving the last few seconds of gaming.

Windows 10 Features – Chatting On Xbox Live

Initially, Windows 10 game bar was designed as an Xbox feature. The Xbox branding of the game bar continues but with other added features. Users can use it to chat with friends or to play games. This feature is primarily beneficial for PC users in playing games on Xbox One.

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