7 Signs Of Internet Game Addiction


Are you sticking around to your computer screen a tad more these days? A gaming console over a football seems more alluring to you? Do you have an enormous desire to win? Paying no heed at office works? Hang on there! You might be falling into the dangerous trap of internet game addiction. And, this is a severe mental illness that can leave life-damaging consequences. Eventually, millions of people worldwide fall prey to this fatal game addiction disease and seek medical help. So how do you identify the fact that your favorite hobby is getting on your nerves? Here are seven alarming signs, as pointed out by careful analysis of significant behavioral changes. Read on.

Inability To Acknowledge Failure In Real Life

Internet games give you the feeling of a ruler. You decide your movements and make your way to defeat your enemies ultimately. Hence winning turns a habit, and you start running away from failure. However, not every time in real life, you get to win. But this game addiction has already grown in you that habit of conquering over others.

Boredom Is Predominant

You find your life worthy only the times you’ve dedicated to that virtual zone of gaming. Out of that zone for a fleeting moment, and you are left all alone, and boredom grabs you. You crave that adrenaline rush every moment but unable to find it. If you cannot help getting mad at this point, you know internet game addiction has crossed its threshold.

Internet Game Addiction - 7 Signs Of You Falling Into The Trap
7 Signs Of Internet Game Addiction

Addiction Leading To Disturbed Biological Clock

Gamers are better active during the night, studies revealed. You tend to function more accurately once the surrounding is calm. Hence night is best for gaming, and you retire late. Meanwhile, that disturbs your biological clock altogether. Continue depriving your sleep, and you’ll eventually invite other health issues.

Battling Intolerance

Shooting games requires mentioning specifically. These internet games are designed to leave you at the battlefield and encourage the fighting spree inside you. Consciously or otherwise, you are snatching away your peace of mind. Hence intolerance is the answer as you’re habituated with this crazy mindset.

Addiction Leads To Delusional Behavior                     

You are no longer in touch with reality. You find yourself always scheming tricks and making plans to kill your virtual enemies. Meanwhile, your headspace is occupied by this dangerous game addiction. With each passing moment, it drives your senses in denial. Even, you may keep imagining unreal identities and weird scenarios, and this delusional behavior is a matter of sheer concern.

Internet Game Addiction - 7 Signs Of You Falling Into The Trap
7 Signs Of Internet Game Addiction

Retarded Performances

Game addiction does not spare your professional life or academics. You mess up at work because of your unmindful approach. Your workspace might gradually pile up with an unfinished job. And if you’re in school or college, your career gets spoiled too. You are left with no interest in studies or other activities. And you start to perform like an impractical person.

Estranged From Dear And Near Ones

The ultimate damage that internet game addiction brings to your life is that you get detached from your favorite associations. You are estranged from your friends and family or your loved ones. This can drive you straight into depression. Therefore it can lead you into strict medication.

Next time you indulge in internet gaming, consider these signs, and make your best effort to refrain from excessive gaming. Therefore spare yourself the dreadful game addiction.

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