90 Console Games – Here Are The Most Accepted Games

90's Console Games

Digital games have not always been as exciting and modern as they are today, that is, they have had to go a long way. But the 90’s Console Games are very special. You have probably played or known some of the games at that time. This period was marked by the popularization of many gameplay patterns with the emergence of the Nintendo 64 and Play station I, truly epic consoles.

Discover The Main 90’s Console Games

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Super Mario World – The Most Popular 90’s Console Games

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Super Mario World, which arrived in 1990, marked many generations. With its nine worlds and 96 outings, it was the guarantee of entertainment, fun, and adventure. The success was so great that it inspired the creation of other products from the same franchise. The extension of Mario’s universe was innovative at the time, but he also contributed to saving the player’s path and the possibility of playing with other people.

Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Considered one of the best 90’s Console Games, Zelda Ocarina of Time arrived in 1998. It is considered to be the best game in history, while others simply disagree. The fact is that it was an important launch due to its three-dimensionality, a feature that allows the player to navigate the scene and explore all dimensions. Other innovations of the game: locking the crosshairs at a point in the player’s vision, contextual buttons that take on different meanings depending on the situation the character is in, and a huge world (basically the biggest seen up to that time).

Symphony Of The Night

“Super Metroid (1994)” and “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (March 1997)”, are two games that marked the 90s and contributed to the establishment of a genre, called “Metroidvania”. This category features games focused on action/adventure, exploration of universes with maps, hidden secrets, and RPG elements. Both were important milestones for non-linear exploration games, which consisted of exploring and unlocking areas from new skills.

Pokémon Red And Blue

Pokémon Red and Blue was the first game in this great saga. Launched on 27th February 1996, it arrived after the “Pokémon anime” on TV and was a combat RPG with about 150 Pokémon. One of its innovations was the format in different packages, which influenced other games later. Another cool point was the fact that the player had to make exchanges with friends and other users, as each version came with exclusive Pokémon.

Resident Evil – 90’s Console Games

Resident Evil was the first game in a successful saga, becoming an entertainment giant. It was a major milestone for popularizing Survival Horror and bringing games closer to movies. The gameplay gives the feeling of less control since the camera does not follow the character’s vision and is in uncomfortable positions for the player, favoring surprise attacks and risky situations. It is also characterized by a greater focus on the scary scenario, with dark locations and unexpected attacks.


The 1990s were instrumental in the evolution of the gaming industry. There were several important consoles and huge franchises that have sustained the market for a long time. It’s always really cool to remember them and how much has changed up to today’s standard.

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