Adrenaline-Thumping Top Free PC Games

There are many shooting games that you can play on your PC. Some games are so cleverly designed that they thrill you. Here are some of the best shooting games for PC that you can download.

Battlefield V

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This thrilling shooting game does not change the first-person shooter on the field, but it does give you plenty other features. This game is a EA-DICE developed and it features some amazing images of the World War II. This one is a lightning fast gameplay that keeps one running and shooting for hours non-stop. This game has all the hallmarks of a modern first-person shooter, as it includes a single player content and also has a fresh take on multiplayer gaming. This game supports up to 64 players and there is a thrilling display of its signature environmental destruction on display.

Borderlands 2

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This game is developed by Gearbox Entertainment and publisher 2K Games’s return to a comic warzone. Those who have played the original borderlands, will understand how the first-person shooter plays this game. The gamer gets to play as Vault Hunter, who is a treasure hunter on the lookout for an alien vault on a colonized planet. Throughout the adventurous game, you get to collect many different guns, each having their own different stats and features. This one is a heavy metal game that lets you mow down an unlimited number of robots and raiders.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This game franchise has been quite popular by gamers in the recent years. It has recently shifted its focus from WWII campaigns to space adventures and now to fierce royal battles as well. The game has strayed away from its roots, but the Infinity Ward reboot of the 2007 title grounds the first person shooter series. This game comes with a tactical single-player and a robust multiplayer mode, but yet, it strips away all the elements. It does not entirely lack cool features although. The game is a reward-based morality system that discerns innocent people from proper threats in a single player campaign.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This one is a free-to-play shooter game from Valve. It is one of the most iconic games to play for gamers who love shooting games. The game gets buoyed by a powerful heritage that has original counter-strike. This one is a first-person shooter game from 2012 that has its own league of fans even amidst the more modern shooting games. This game has started to show its age in some places as there are newer games launched today, yet in regards to its active community, this game has many competitive esports.

These are some of the best free shooting games for PC. Although various newer and more modern games have been launched for PC and even for play stations and Xbox, there are some that love to play these old-school shooting games.

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