Adventurous Games For PC

Adventurous Games For PC

What Are Online Adventurous Games?

Adventurous PC games evaluate funny stories and introduce the most memorable characters. It is a satisfying puzzle or quest and rounds up the whole gaming experience. There are new explorations, problems and a story-driven game that values atmosphere and discovery. The players give more importance to the action than the stats. There is a wide range of adventurous games, some maybe Walking Dead style or some Gone Homestyle.

Adventurous Games For PC
Adventurous Games For PC

The ones who are new to the genre and are wondering what to play have a wide variety of options. With great releases in the last few years, the world of online gaming has changed drastically. Here is a guide to the best of adventurous online games.

Best Of The Adventurous Games In The Past Few Years

Stories Untold

Date Of Release: 2017

Game Developer: No Code

The click of keyboards and the buzz around it is satisfying in Stories Untold. A stranger breathing right behind your neck in an empty house gives you the perfect creepy feeling. There are four sci-fi episodes in Stories Untold where the interaction mainly involves around a hardware set. There are horror adventures that have an eerie experience to it. It is a unique and settling gaming experience.

Life Is Strange

Date Of Release: 2015

Game Developer: Don’t Nod Entertainment

An episodic game, Life is Strange was a surprise hit if 2015. It has a great back story and a soulful heart to it. The main plot revolves around a nervous girl who finds out that she can rewind time. This is discovery takes place right at the moment when a disaster is set to hit the town. The central drama comes from her relationships, family, and friends. There are several difficult choices to make, but it is an excellent coming of age storyline.

To The Moon

Date Of Release: 2011

Game Developer: Freebird Games

To The Moon depicts hope and lost memories. The game has a great mystery and moving storyline. It is one of the few examples of a thoughtful game storyline. You are not broken up every five to ten minutes with a big punch on your face. Overall, To The Moon gives a moving experience.

Fire watch

Date Of Release: 2016

Game Developer: Campo Santo

The Walking Dead creators found their new company and set up a low crucial game. The game involves no zombies, no psychopaths, and no serial killers. It just happens to be the story of a man who takes up a job of watching the fires. The game also experiences the man’s relationship with her boss and the underlying mystery behind it. The loneliness and isolation within the game is a thrilling experience. The character personification remains intact even though the adventure part fades after some time.

Other such adventurous games released in the past five to six years include Gone Home, Spycraft, A Mind Voyaging Forever, Night In The Woods, The Walking Dead: Series 1 and 2 and The Witness. All these PC games have a classic adventure like experience and connect widely with the gamer.

Adventurous Games For PC
Adventurous Games For PC
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