Apple Arcade: Should Know

Apple Arcade Subscription: Everything You Should Know

Are you a gamer and love to play games with a subscription? Then Apple Arcade is a must for you. Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription servicing platform for iPads, iPhones, Apple and Mac. For the first month it is free and then after the first month costs $4.99 only per month. It is a terrific service. Here know all about new features.

Apple Arcade: What Is It?

Apple Arcade offers a welcome perk with a free subscription for a beginning month and costs $4.99 from the next months. This service contains Apple Arcade games and other third-party games accessible on different platforms for purchasing. You may not buy games providing through it on the App Store.

It is like Netflix service, sign up and enjoy many services for free for the whole month. Unlimited games downloads, no need for internet to play games, downloaded from the subscrition. Apple confirmed that it would add new games and features every month. It is like a gaming treasure, and gamers would love it.

Apple Arcade Subscription:  Everything You Should Know
Apple Arcade Subscription: Everything You Should Know

Apple Arcade – A Good Value

If you are spending more money to get the subscription of different games, than indeed Apple Arcade may cost-effective service for you. It costs only $4.99 per month; it means $60 per year. There are no hidden charges. Just pay $4.99 and enjoy all the services ads-free and no extra fees.

If you are a traveler and would like to play games while waiting for flights or traveling on a train, a $5 subscription is cheaper than any other means of entertainment. The facility of family sharing is very robust. From one subscription, you can share it with your entire family. It is so wonderful! Isn’t it?

Devices Work With This Service

On 19th September 2019, it was launched on iPhone with iOS 13. The service rolled out on iPad with iPad OS 13 Update. With tvOS13, on Apple TV. Finally, it is possible with Mac with Catalina MacOS.

Get Apple Arcade

Your device may need some updates before going to subscribe to the service. The first thing you should do is checking your device’s operating system. If you have the iPhone and iPad, check the iOS version. Is it iOS 13? If no then update your device first. After upgrading the OS, you can subscribe to the service. How to update? Here is the step by step method.

  • System Preference
  • General
  • Software Update
  • Now, follow the instructions as mentioned in the dialogue box.
  • Note: Backup the data from mobile before updating iOS.

Apply the same method for Apple TV and Mac devices. Update iOS13 and launch the app store on your device and go to Arcade Tab.

Apple Arcade Subscription:  Everything You Should Know
Apple Arcade Subscription: Everything You Should Know

How To Check Subscription Details?

  • Go to settings
  • Enter your name
  • Go to subscriptions

You can cancel your trial month only on Apple devices. So, if you don’t want the service further cancel it before completing the first month otherwise, it will automatically renew your service from next month.

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