Best Console Games You Need To Know About

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From the 1970s, a revolution in the gaming world strikes as the introduction of consoles plays a pivotal role to play video games. Consoles like Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox opened the door for gamers to have a beautiful experience in VFX and SFX while playing the games. Consoles became so much modern as generations after generation came with newer technologies and every gamer experienced it. And every console companies made many path-breaking games. So, here is the list of best console games, that you can play as a gamer to gather experience of a lifetime.

The Last of Us II – One of Best Console Games

When you are talking about the best console games, it will be wrong not to say about probably the best game the gaming world has ever seen. Played in PlayStation 4, The Last of Us II is the sequel of the masterpiece of The Last of Us, which is another masterpiece. Naughty Dog creates this as it is one of the best story-based games in the gaming world. You need around 81 GB of memory as its high-value graphics create a great atmosphere. Also, you will be in love if you start playing it, if not already played.

Best Console Games
Best Console Games

Red Dead Redemption 2

When you are thinking about the best console games, one thing you always keep in mind is its graphics. And a good graphics game reaches another level if the genre of the game is action. Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best action games, available in both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Rockstar Games created this gem of a game and checked every good thing in the list like gameplay, art-style, sound and graphic designing, etc. Released as a PC game, Red Dead Redemption needs around 100 GB hard disk space. It also needs a graphics card like NVIDIA to play this game.

Resident Evil – Best Console Games

In the gaming world, you may find after a hit Hollywood movie the gaming world introduces a good game around the plot of the movie. But Resident Evil was one of those games which intrigued Hollywood and created a multi-million dollar blockbuster movie franchise. But this does not stop the game franchise to touch new peaks at the gaming world. Currently having 7 games in the series, you can pick any game to start playing and re-live the magic. The lesser series number games can be played in PS2 and PS3. The latest game also supports PS4, Nintendo, Xbox consoles. Choose your favorite one and start playing.

Best Console Games
Best Console Games

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Though some people consider that Final Fantasy VII was a huge letdown in the storytelling aspect, visually it was one of those games that some even cherish till now. But Square Enix Business Division 1 decided to relaunch the game with some changes in the storyline and many graphical changes in the game. This action genre game was a role-playing game that touched new heights by redeveloping. On April 20, 2020, the game was released in PS4. Though no official announcements, there is a chance that you can play it in Xbox One too in future years. Let’s hope for it.

Super Mario Maker 2

Mario, this name is a part of every gamer’s childhood. A person who loves playing games on PC or console or any other technology must hear about this legendary gaming character. Mario is one of the best characters the gaming world has ever produced. So, many companies try to cash-in the sentiment and build a game whose central character was Mario. Nintendo steps in the game and created one of the best console games around the character Mario. This game has a good story, and Nintendo applies their great experience and added so many cool features to it. Later, it was also released in Xbox One console.

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