Best Game Controllers For Mobile

Best Game Controllers For Mobile
Best Game Controllers For Mobile

In the era of digitalization, gaming has become widely famous among PC users and smartphone users. With the advanced features in Android devices, high-end games are now standard in every smartphone. Many online games like need for speed, PUBG, Fortnite, etc. are top-rated among smartphone users. With the games available on Android devices, you can make your annoying times enjoyable. To make the controls easy for the games, many game controllers are available in the game.

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Best Game Controllers For Mobile Devices

Best Game Controllers For Mobile
Best Game Controllers For Mobile

Some of the best game controllers for mobile devices are listed below. These gadgets have amazing features and available everywhere in the market.

GameSir G3s Controller For Android Devices

The GameSir G3s is a wireless game controller for Android devices. It is wireless and has Bluetooth features. The gaming pad Or the joystick is only for the smartphone users. You can use the Android gaming device only on android regulated cell phones. Smart TV, PC, Playstation, Xbox, etc. can support the controller. The controller uses 32-but high-speed MCU and 48Hertz link speed, which helps it to respond to the requests. The device has a 4.0 Bluetooth radio which secures the connection between the device and the smartphone. To use it as a PC connection, you can also use the 2.4Hertz wireless dongle. With one time charge, the controller can run for the right hours.

SteelSeries Stratus XL Game Controller For Mobile Phones

If you are looking for one of the best gaming controllers for your Android device, then this SteelSeries Starts XL Bluetooth wireless controller is perfect. Windows PCs, Oculus, vibe and other high-end VRs and gears are all eligible for this device. The only way to connect your device with the controller is the Bluetooth. The same is for PC connection since the device is entirely wireless. The gaming pad contains a home and back option. The controller is functional on AA batteries, which serves for forty long hours and is available only for Android devices above 3.1.

ZD T Gaming Controller

If you are looking for a cheap gaming controller for your Android device, then this gaming pad is ideal. The controller is cheap. Therefore, the wireless feature is not available. Any device with OTG connection can connect to the device. The controller does not have any dock that helps to hold the device. Therefore you need to set your device somewhere while playing. The plug and play are simple. However, the device is not a perfect option for gaming while traveling.

GameSir T1s Game Controller For Mobile Phones

If you are looking for an all-in-one gaming device, this is precisely what you are looking for. The device contains 2.4Hertz wireless and wired USB, Bluetooth connection support. It supports all devices, including PC, Gaming Consoles, smartphones, Android TV, etc. The Android devices can be connected both as Bluetooth connection and OTG. The hardware body supports a smart lock which can adjust the screen as per the size of the invention. The vibration motors and pressure enhanced D-pad makes the game fun and profound.

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