Best Offline Mobile Games To Enjoy When The Network Is Down

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Best Offline Mobile Games To Enjoy When The Network Is Down

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Who doesn’t love to delve into some mobile gaming once in a while? And, especially while travelling, may be with the network inaccessible or not holding up consistently. One of the major issues here is that these mobile games do not always clearly specify if it can be played offline or not. That can be a real bummer if you have downloaded one only to find that it isn’t working because your network is down. But, worry not, we are here with a list of some of the most interesting games you can download on your mobile and enjoy even if there is zero network coverage. All you need is your phone to have adequate charge!

Offline Mobile Games You Can Enjoy Anywhere Anytime

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So, let’s find out more about some cool mobile games that do not need you to be connected to the internet to play. And, since you don’t get these details always in the app download page, don’t forget to bookmark this article.

What can be better than enjoying a survival game offline? This game places you in an island filled with dinosaurs and you get to use your skills to build structures, get resources, collect clothes, and save yourself from the animals as you progress through the game storyline. The game can also be played online if you want to.

Now, there is hardly anyone enthusiastic about gaming who has never heard of Minecraft! This game with the distinct blocks like graphics is a survival game, and is available to be played on mobile too. However, you need to buy this one from the store! But, if you ask me, it’s worth every penny!

This action based top-down game is for real gaming enthusiasts. The game does not come cheap, but then, you get to enjoy it both online or offline. You will have to build your own Cybernetic JYDGE and protect the city of Edenbyrg against crimes. Your opponents can be other players in the online mode, or AI bots in the offline mode. Either way, you get to enjoy the game to the fullest.

This surprisingly interesting game is free of cost and you will be immersed in it in no time. The game runs offline, even though you will be facing opponents within the game who will make your task of colonizing various planets in the star map on the screen a bit difficult. There are planets you can see and you will need to hit them with a designated number of rockets to be colonized. The fun part is that if your opponent hits it with the last rocket needed, it will be colonized by your opponent. You get the same advantage too!

Get Your Offline Gaming List Ready

Now that you have these exciting games in your list, which one will you want to start playing right away? We know that each one is extremely exciting, so, keep the list bookmarked and enjoy each game at a time!

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