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The world of Oculus Quest has changed the way gamers play computer games. These virtual reality games help gamers envision and experience technology at its best. The Oculus Rift Quest is an all-in-one device that can be used on its own. It is portable and can be played from anywhere along with its one hand tracking and touch controllers. It does lack the raw feel of some of its rivals, yet the games do give you a lovely gaming experience. Here are some of the best multiplayer VR games online you can play to get the best VR experience.

Beat Saber

It is one of the best VR games of all time. Beat Saber soon shot to fame because this rhythm game puts up a spin on the traditional music track by giving you a lightsaber-sword in each hand. You can use it to slash the blocks that keep coming  your way. This incredible device is very addictive and the challenge keeps on increasing as you move into more difficult stages. Many other games have also tried to imitate this game, but they could not match up to its brilliance. It also comes with a Quest’s cord-free set up. 

Box VR

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You can add more fitness to your daily routines with this amazing fitness game. Box VR is an invigorating and exciting VR game that can help you burn your calories. Oculus Quest brings you a versatile gaming and fitness game that comes with boxing gloves. You can hook, cross, jab and even uppercut the icons that come in your way. You can use the gloves to block as well as dodge the obstacles. In just a few minutes, you will find yourself sweating and breathing hard. You need to put a lot of force in your punches and the game also helps you keep track of the calories you have burned. 

Creed: Rise To Glory

This game is for those who want a real-time experience with actually fighting real people rather than abstract blocks or symbols. This boxing game is a tie-in to the Rocky and Creed film series. It features many fighters from the movies in an animated form. You need to dodge or counter attack your opponents with blows. But beaware that your enemies are prepared too. With practice, you will be able to knock out your opponents and win the game.

Dance Central

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Xbox’s collaboration with Kinect had failed, but Dance Central series were really good. Harmonix developed Dance Central for VR and it is really worth buying if you want to practice your dance moves. You can choose from 32 songs ranging from the 70’s to the current hits. You can also compete in the online matches with multiplayers across the globe.

Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition

This game does not have the same attraction as the Arizona Sunshine, but it will definitely satisfy your zombie-killing intentions. The shooter lets you fire two weapons at the same time. You can choose to bash up the zombies with the weapons or slice off their head. The game also allows multiplayers. There is also plenty of gore and scare for those looking for Halloween fun. 

These are some of the best games for Oculus Rift Quest games. You can check the reviews of these games or play a trial run at the store too before deciding which one to buy. Some stores offer a free trial play at the store so that the customers can be sure of what they are buying. 

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