Best Zombie Mobile Games

Zombie Mobile Games

Meta Description: Love playing zombie mobile games? Here is a list of the best games you can download on your mobile and enjoy.

Here are some of the best zombie mobile games for Android phones.

Dead Effect 2

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This is a free game to download and play. It is a zombie shooter game with beautiful graphics. The player is required to shoot down zombies, sci-fi creatures and monsters in this game. You also have an RPG element that makes you level up, upgrade and develop your character just like a fighting machine. You also get the option of 100 implants to improve your character, 40 weapons to choose from and get a total of 30 hours of playing. This game has a lot of playing content and very eerie looking zombies.

Dead Trigger 2

This free Android Zombie game is one of the older ones. But, with decent updates and upgradation, you enjoy playing this game even today. It offers a lot of missions, decent graphics and some very good mechanics. You also get some weekly missions and cool hardware controller support. You need to collect a lot of weapons in this game. Although it is an old zombie game, it still delivers better results when compared to the newer zombie games.

Into the Dead 2

This free Android game is one of the latest zombie games. It is just like an infinite runner game with survival mechanics. The player gets to run for as long as possible and try not to die in the process. You are provided with destruction implements in the game. You also get plenty of other missions, dog companions and some other challenges on this game. The graphics are good and this one is just like a casual game more than anything. You can download it for free in-app purchases.

Kill Shot Virus

This free Android zombie game is one of the recent zombie games that makes the player play in first person. The player is the first-person shooter who has a lot of zombies to shoot and kill. The game comes with very simple and user-friendly shooter controls, pretty decent graphics and multiplayer content. You also get leaderboards to play in this game. The game offers more than 100 missions, lots of gear to collect and a lot more provisions. This one is also a freemium game and a better alternative to older zombie shooter games like Unkilled and Dead Trigger 2. The game play is also very good.

Last Day on Earth

The last day on Earth is a cool survival zombie game that is free to download and play. You get to shoot zombies, have adventure and open world elements to increase your powers. You get to set a base of operations, hunt for materials and items, even steal things and kill the zombies before they kill you. The game comes with seasonal landscapes, extra stuff to do and many crafting elements. It is a survival game that has some zombie game elements as well. Although the zombie element is quite less in this game, you do enjoy playing this game.

These are some of the best zombie mobile games.

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