Bike Games PS4 Headphone

Bike Games Come To Life With Best Gaming Headphone PS4 Microphone Headphone

Bike games, or FPP royal battle games, or almost any network-based games you may think of, won’t even be the same without your favorite headphone snug over your years. That immersive sound and the amazing feeling of actually being within the game is something that every gamer longs for. It isn’t enough to have the best system and the latest game installed, without the right headphone it will all feel distant. And, if you happen to be playing any FPP, or TPP Battle Royale game, it will be impossible to survive without stereo headphones. Add to it the urge to listen to some really great music as and when you please. The perfect headphone just becomes a mandatory accessory to it all.

Gaming Headphone PS4 Microsoft Headphone For Bike Games And More

Bike games, shooting game or for that matter almost any modern-day internet-based game, that is played over the internet without having any person in real. Gaming headphones simply add the zing to the already entertaining games. However, that’s not all. This gaming headphone allows the gamer to understand the direction from which the sound is coming and provides a complete three-dimensional immersive experience. The dynamic sound quality isn’t merely for making the game more interesting, it also allows the player to navigate while playing bike games, or know from which direction the opponent is arriving, especially during the Battle Royale games. Microphone attachment allows players to communicate with fellow teammates, and even the competitors if the gameplay allows that.


  • Type: On-ear headphone with mic.
  • Sound output: Stereo
  • Size: 21.5cm X 9.5cm X 19.5cm
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Cable jack: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 311gm
  • Compatibility: PC / Laptop / Tablet / Phone / Xbox / PS4

What I Liked About The Gaming Headphone (Pros)

  • The headphone is extremely comfortable to use for long hours. With enough cushion above the ear, it is never too heavy or becomes unbearable to be used for a long duration. One of the most important things for any gamer is to use the headphone for a long duration without issue and this does just that.
  • The microphone is of really great quality and communication is perfect. But, if you do not want to use the microphone then simply disable it with the help of a simple button. This makes it easier to control when to keep the microphone on and when to turn it off during the game without having to access the settings control of the game.
  • Sound quality is perfect. I loved the crisp and clear sound that is never too harsh for the ears. This is really necessary while playing bike games.
  • There are enough color variants available.
  • Splitter cable is included that allows you to use with the consoles.

What I Did Not Like About The Gaming Headphone (Cons)

  • I would have loved this headphone to be a little lighter. 311gm is quite light, but still, it feels like having something over the head. Even with all the cushioning, this feeling can’t be shaken off.


In the end, at a decent price, this is a great product to invest in. if you are someone who loves gaming and use multiple platforms for the purpose, this is the perfect product for you.

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