Bluetooth Headset With Mic

Bluetooth Headset With Mic Wireless Headphone

A Wireless Bluetooth headset with mic is a handy gadget. Firstly, even without wires, you can listen to music conveniently. It gives you access to operate your mobile while in the charging position also. Your mobile will be connected with headphones with the help of Bluetooth connection. You have to follow the pairing procedure to get connected with the headphones. Moreover, it is effortless to use these headphones as you can control the operation with the help of buttons provided on it. You can use it while you are traveling or on vacation. You can enjoy listening to music while working wireless. It also offers you an incredibly stylish and pleasant look.

The sound quality of the headphones is also quite good, and it portable. The life of the battery also lasts for a long time as the headphones have excellent durability, and you can listen to the song for a long period of time. Apart from this, it requires a minimum of two hours of charging. After two hours of charging, you can use it for ten hours to listen to continuous music. Similarly, it offers a standby time for two hundred and sixty hours.

Bluetooth Headset With Mic Wireless Headphone Specifications

Bluetooth Headset With Mic Wireless Headphone Specifications
Bluetooth Headset With Mic Wireless Headphone Specifications

A wireless headphone that has a telescopic head beam, leather-lined earmuffs, and foldable style
It can produce good quality of the music; Perfect for indoor and outdoor use especially for traveling purposes
This device contains a lot of useful buttons for easy operation of your headphone
Size: 192mm x 170mm/ Battery Capacity: 400mah/ Bluetooth Version: 4.2
Charging Time: 2 Hours/ Working Hours: 7 Hours
Standby Time: 260 Hours
Package Includes:
Bluetooth Headset With Mic Wireless Headphone
USB Charging Cable
Audio Cable
User Manual

Enjoying Music On Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones make it easy to enjoy listening to our favorite songs. Besides these headphones are also suitable for your computer, laptop and mobile phone. Always you should make sure that you have turned on your Bluetooth connection for a secure connection. It also supports FM, TF card, WMA/MP3 and mobile connections. With these headphones, you experience the fantastic sound and the range of the connection lasts up to ten meters. It is very beautifully styled. Hence, you will like to use it outside. Moreover, it is useful while you are working out at the gym or jogging around the park. By listening to good music, you can boost your mood, and you can use it anywhere you like.

Flexible Design

The design of the headphones is very flexible. You can fold it because of which you can store it easily inside your backpack. Moreover, it makes very convenient to communicate with a caller as you answer the call while wearing this headphone. It has an inbuilt microphone because of which you can talk to the other person on the line, and you will be very clearly audible if you are in the specified area of its reach. Similarly, it is provided with a telescopic head beam, and it has a pair of soft fabric leather earmuffs across the top of the head, which prevents it from falling off easily.

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