Check This Amazing Keyboard For Your Mobile Phone! The Ultimate Design Applied In Peripherals, Here!

Are you looking to revamp your desk space with cooler gadgets that technology and the human brain together can collectively provide for us? If you are, then the advanced portable laser-projected virtual keyboard is the ideal new addition for you, and in this article, we’re going to be seeing the pros and cons of using these kinds of keyboards, so let us dive right in! 

Advanced Portable Essential Keyboard

Characterized by holographic laser projection of a QWERTY keyboard (swapping with other alternate alphabetic keyboard versions can however be made to some models), advanced laser-projected virtual keyboards are the new future and their fascinating visual appeal attracts many buyers, especially the younger generation. It can be projected on any flat surface and the laser projections diminish and disappear slowly when turned off and not in use. It’s easy to carry around and is exceptionally convenient when traveling since users do not have to carry around an entire standard-sized desktop keyboard and can carry something much smaller and compact instead, making computing much easier. Get your Advanced Portable Essential Keyboard as they are also used when one wants to enhance the functionality of other hardware counterparts.


  • Keyboard Standard: Mini Keyboard
  • Type: Bluetooth Wireless
  • Operation Style: Mechanical
  • Language: English
  • Interface Type: Bluetooth/USB
  • Full Size keyboard: No
  • Style: Laser Keyboard
  • Model Number: M1
  • Package: Yes
  • Wrist Support: No
  • Virtual Laser keyboard Bluetooth connect: Notebook Projection Keyboard
A laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table


  • Virtual keyboards are extremely portable and durable, lasting for up to 6 hours. 
  • The alphabet of any language presented on the keyboard is entirely up to our decision.
  • They can be easily recharged since they are compatible with power banks. 
  • Bluetooth facilities are also embedded in these keyboards. 
  • They are easy to maintain since there is no need for any physical cleanup and are known to be “damage-free” since spillage of any beverage or food item will not cause the product to malfunction.
A person sitting at a table using a laptop


  • Since there are no physical keys present in this keyboard, users may find recurring errors when they’re typing due to the comfort and reliability they’re used to from typing on concave keys.
  • Studies show that one’s typing speed also faces a declination when compared to the typing speed from using a standard keyboard.
  • Using virtual keyboards can cause ergonomic issues when used for long hours and may even cause neck fatigue or minor injuries.


If you’re someone whose job revolves around frequent traveling and sitting around a desktop for long hours, this is possibly the most beneficial product you could ever get your hands on that serves the highest utility, but it is also suitable for anyone trying to minimize or upgrade their desktop space. This is because they do not require any actual contact and are easy to maintain, resulting in their long-lasting life, which in turn saves your wallet, making it worth its price.

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