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Individuals prefer to think of gaming as a niche pastime, and although that may have been true in the past, we tend to forget that video games are enjoyed by people all over the world.  And nowhere is this more evident than in the sales of home video gaming systems. Hundreds of millions of consoles have been sold, but which console is the most popular of all time? Here are the top list of biggest selling games console

1. Game Boy Advance/SP

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Not only is the Game Boy Advance one of the best-looking consoles of all time, but it’s further one of the best-selling. The Game Boy Advance was the spiritual successor to the GameBoy and Game Boy Color. This biggest selling games console was a huge hit, selling 81.5 million copies throughout the world. With its legendary line-up of video games, it’s simple to understand why.

2. PlayStation Portable

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Sony’s PSP was the company’s first step into portable gaming. You could play video games or view movies on your portable console with the PSP. Tekken, God of War, Monster Hunter, and Grand Theft Auto were all fantastic games that made an indelible effect on us. Despite the fact that the PSP’s successors were not as successful, we believe Sony may take comfort in the fact that the PSP sold 81.9 million copies.

3. Xbox 360

We’ve spent more hours playing my Xbox 360 than any other system on this list, without a doubt. This biggest selling games console was introduced by Microsoft in 2005, and it opened up a whole new world for me and many others. The Xbox 360, the successor to the original Xbox, was a huge success. The Xbox 360 sold 84 million devices, according to Microsoft.

4. PlayStation 3

Sony’s PlayStation 3 competed with the Xbox 360. Sony would outsell the competition by selling 87.4 million copies a year after the 360 was released. Despite its massive sales, the PlayStation 3 remains the lowest-selling system in the PlayStation range. Sony would also introduce the Slim and Super Slim models of the PS3, which would have distinct evolutions.

5. Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS was the successor of the Game Boy Advance when it came to the Game Boy’s legacy. The DS built on the success of its predecessors. The original DS had two displays, one of which was a touch screen, and was backwards compatible with Game Boy Advance titles. This biggest selling games console featured hundreds of outstanding titles over its 9-year existence, including several Mario games.

Wrapping Up

Looking at the best-selling consoles of all time might give you a fair idea of how popular gaming is. Because the PS5 and Xbox Series X are still relatively new, only time will tell if they will make the top picks. So, hopefully, this article has been helpful to you in finding the biggest selling games console.

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