The Old Games We Miss

Computer Gaming: Old Games We Miss The Most

Why Computer Games?

Every 90s kid has played computer games extensively at some point in time. A typical day would include rushing back home after a long day at school, somehow wolfing down lunch and rushing to the nearest cyber cafe to play computer acts. For those of us who had computers at home, it was even better, because now we could sit in front of the PC while our mother/grandmother patiently fed us lunch. When we think of the old games that we played on our PCs, without any consoles or computer accessories, we are bound to be overcome by a rush of nostalgia.

Computer Gaming: Old Games We Miss The Most
Computer Gaming: Old Games We Miss The Most

Here we have compiled a list of old games that make us nostalgic even today. Despite the lack of computer accessories and advanced technology, they were nevertheless a big part of our childhood. In a way, we grew up with them, and they will always remain an intricate part of our childhood. Perhaps this is what makes them all the more memorable.

Wolfenstein 3D

If you remember elevators and dogs and ammunition count, then chances are, you have played this game. Perhaps the funniest part about this game was that we could get lost on floors where we killed people and have a tough time navigating our way out. This was one of the most widely played old games.


No less appealing than the story itself, this game was perhaps the most attractive out of a significant chunk of old games. Although it was an upgraded version of the Prince of Persia game, the coals and the flashing swords kept us hooked to our computers for hours together.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This was one of those old games which you could play in a group of four! Hence, it was no surprise if you spotted a group of four children shouting and screaming their heads off while tapping furiously at a keyboard. This was also one of the first old games that became progressively difficult as the levels went up gradually.

Mortal Kombat

For all kids who grew up passive-aggressive, this game was your best friend. If you weren’t violent in real life but were a pro at computer play then you had to invite your opponent for a match and could then beat them senseless by expertly navigating keys on your PC.

Road Rash

Any discussion on old games is incomplete without the iconic road rash. What made this racing game mind-blowing was that you could not just race but also kick your opponent off the bike! It took racing acts to a whole new standard.

If we compare playful acts of those yesteryears with games that we play today, then today’s playful acts would have a much better chance of winning by a wide margin. The graphics are infinitely better, gaming is faster, and the experience as a whole does not compare to the experience of today. However, computer game enthusiasts have repeatedly emphasized that while old games lacked in graphics and technology, they had much better storylines, which is hardly the case today.

Computer Gaming: Old Games We Miss The Most
Computer Gaming: Old Games We Miss The Most
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