Defense of the Ancients (DotA 2) for Noobs – How to Destroy Invisible Heroes

Defense of the Ancients (DotA 2) for Noobs - How to Destroy Invisible Heroes

While playing a computer game of Defense of the Ancients (DotA 2), what usually scares you? Is it a surprise gank while you’re trying last hit as a midlaner? Or a charging Barathrum from out of nowhere? How about a sudden puff of violet smoke right in front of you and in seconds, you’re dead because of Rikimaru?

Invisible Enemies – Annoying Even in Other Computer Games!

For most players, both seasoned and the complete beginner, invisible heroes are a real pain to deal with. That’s because you need to place wards on the location at all times to detect invisible enemies at once before your enemies can stab you in the back.

Also, you need to always be aware of what’s going on in the computer game. While your character is walking and you feel that your hero is walking slower than before, then there’s a high chance that an invisible enemy is trying to block your movement in anticipation of a gank or ambush. And it is times like this that you have to be extra careful.

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Watch your Back. Always.

Whether you’re dealing with a Rikimaru, Bounty Hunter, or Nyx Assassin, the only way to counter invisible heroes is to place wards in your lanes during the first five to ten minutes of this popular computer game. With wards, even with their invisibility in play, they won’t be able to outsmart you because you know exactly where they are. And when you don’t see them in your lane anymore because they are frustrated about not being able to last hit for gold and experience, immediately send a message to your teammates about a missing invisible enemy during the computer game. Most players I know would laugh about a “Riki is missing” message because Riki is ALWAYS missing. However, pinging your teammates saves lives.

Dust of Deceit Saves Lives

During a team fight, never forget to bring Dust of Deceit. This cheap item is your key to defeating invisible heroes during a team fight. Even during a gank, always buy dust or have dust prepared. Even if you’re a carry or an offlane or even a midlaner, always carry dust with you. Don’t depend it all on your support. Your support has probably spent all of his/her money on buying all those wards to keep you alive while you spend 30 minutes just farming those neutral camps away. And unless you forget, Dust of Deceit also slows down any revealed enemies. So while chasing down a Bounty Hunter or Rikimaru, just one spread of dust is enough to guarantee a kill on any of those invisible heroes.

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How to Deal with Invisible Heroes in DotA 2

Finally, learn the tactics of dealing with invisible heroes. For example, Rikimaru loves to hit behind a hero’s back. Therefore, Rikimaru will always want to strike from behind while fighting, correct? If that’s the case, then which hero is best suited for Rikimaru? You’ve guessed it already, right? The perfect hero to counter Rikimaru would be Bristleback, since the more Rikimaru hits Bristleback on his back, then the more the spikes would come out from him. Eventually, when Rikimaru is too damaged to keep on hitting Bristleback, he’ll turn tail; this will be the opportunity that Bristleback needs in order to kill that pesky little assassin.

The good thing about invisible heroes is that they’re not tanky, they don’t have too much health, and they are always low on magic resistance. So if you want to even the odds with invisible heroes, you can always get heroes with high-level magic power like Warlock, Necrophos, Witch Doctor and others. Or you can also get tanky heroes, like Axe and Abaddon.

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