Defense of the Ancients (DotA 2) for Noobs – Raising Mars

A short trailer is shown to the public a few minutes before the finals started during the Internationals 2018. It’s another one of Valve’s ad for this online games newest hero.

The mini-movie started with a battlefield filled with corpses while a lone figure stood in the middle, with a spear and shield in both hands. The figure in the middle started beating his spear on the ground as one by one, corpses from the ground started to rise, holding both spear and shield in each arm too. This new hero is Mars, another hero to join the ranks of DotA 2. A few months from now, he will finally reveal himself within DotA 2’s new roster of playable heroes.

Enter Mars – Another Challenger to Online Games

There is a lot of speculation as to who Mars is. With the recent launch of Valve’s new comic about the world of DotA 2, fans have many speculations as to who Mars is. Some say that Mars is Legion Commander’s right-hand man Marcus. In the comic, Marcus is talking to Tresdin, the Legion Commander, and is acting like an advisor to her. Because Mars is often together with a group of soldiers under his command, then there’s a possibility that it could be Marcus.

In the comic, however, Marcus dies so all hopes of him being the God of War seem dim. Unless he is resurrected by an unknown force and becomes an amalgamation of war and chaos, then this new hero is not Marcus.

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Who Exactly is Mars?

Others say that Mars is a hero with an Oriental design. The spears showcased in the recent trailer looked like they were Japanese, Korean or Chinese in design. Mars could be a playful adaptation of the Chinese God of War Guan Yu. Given that Guan Yu is a popular deity in many online games, his design will be different.

But this is unlikely since the shield and even the armor worn by the risen soldier corpses looked like they were Spartan or Greek hoplite armor. Therefore the theory that Mars is some Oriental god of battle can be dismissed. But you’ll never know.

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Another Force to Reckon in DotA 2?

Since we’re done talking about Mar’s appearance, let’s talk about what kind of hero he’ll be for this online games. And since he’s the God of War, most people believe that this hero will be a carry type. Some speculate that Mars will be a hero that may have skills that can weaken enemy heroes around him while at the same time, summon many units to fight for him, like the soldiers that stood up for him in the trailer.

So are we talking about an ultimate skill that raises dead soldiers back to fight for him? I think that is doable though. Think of Wraith King’s ability to summon skeletons while he attacks. Some people also speculate that Mars could have a stun or a slow skill. That remains to be seen since it’s mostly the supports that have skills that can stun, hex, or slow opponents.

Patience is a Virtue

As for my own speculation, I believe Mars will be a carry hero that has skills which debilitate the abilities of the opposing team’s heroes. This new hero will probably have a skill that will render opponents silent during a battle. If not, it could be a hero that can render armor useless. If this guess of mine gets lucky, then we’ll probably have a carry hero that can dish out a lot of damage against other opponents. Then you have the obvious skill of summoning undead warriors to fight for you. Will those warriors only appear during the special attack stage of the ultimate skill? Or will they simply just rise and cause mayhem and destruction unto Mar’s enemies? We’ll probably never know until a few weeks from now.

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