DotA 2 Basics – How to Play the Offlane

DotA 2 Basics - How to Play the Offlane

In every online game of DotA 2, there are five positions for each team. There’s the carry, two support positions, the midlaner, and finally the offlaner. Among the five positions, the offlaner is probably the most difficult because it’s their job to harass the carry and to make sure that they’re not getting experience and gold.

No One Wants to go Offlane

In an online game of DotA, players do not want to play as the offlaner.

Can you imagine one hero fighting against two or even three heroes during the start of the game? Then there’s also the possibility that a gank or ambush may happen on your lane. You are always left on your own to survive as long as you can. That’s your job as the offlaner.

However, there is also the statement that some of the best known DotA players in the world are the offlaners because they can always think of ways how to escape from an ambush and they’re very good at making the life of the opposing carry a miserable one.

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Challenge Accepted!

And because of the fact above, players now want to have a go at the offlane position. That’s fine and all, but do you actually think that you have the skills necessary to become a good offlaner? If your answer is YES, then please feel free to do so. If not, then it’s time to go back to basics and start learning more about DotA, the game itself.

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In Every Online Game, the Struggle is Real

I know so many offlaners who are still bad when playing together with their team or with other people. From a glance, one can actually see these kids still do not win games as the offlaner because of the following obvious reasons:

You still pick the wrong offlane hero

By simple definition, an offlane hero is someone who can do a lot of damage while having the skills or attributes to survive a punishing online game against the enemy carry and his/her two supports. So whenever I see someone play an offlane Anti-Mage against a Sven and a Crystal Maiden, then I know that the Anti-Mage is doomed.

You still pick the wrong offlane hero

As an offlaner, team communication is very important. So when you notice that one of the supports have disappeared from the safe lane, it’s time to report to your teammates that one of the supports is missing. However, since you don’t trust your teammates, you do not send them the message and a few minutes later, your midlaner dies because of a gank.

You picked the wrong starting items

The most essential rule for this strategy game is to pick the right starting items before the battle commences. So when you pick Boots of Speed first before spending your leftover gold on tangoes, then you’re the worst player for the offlane position. Remember that as the offlaner, your job is to harass the enemy carry to make his last-hitting experience an absolute nightmare. Without survivability items, you are simply asking to become the enemy carry’s feeding station.

You still do not know how to deny or block creeps

Blocking creeps is an essential skill. It allows your opponent’s creeps to advance a little bit further in order to meet your creeps, who are late for the battle because you kept blocking their way. If you are successful, you can start denying those creeps without fear of getting caught in a gank or getting fired by the enemy tower when you go close to the enemy carry to harass. If you don’t know these skills, then don’t even think of going offlane for your next ranked game.

Get Better Next Time!

The next time you play as an offlaner, make sure to remember these very basic mistakes. These aren’t beginner mistakes by the way; even seasoned players still commit these costly mistakes.

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