DotA 2 for Noobs – Abaddon, A Strong Offlane Hero?

He is a master of the Curse of Avernus and of destroying other players during multiplayer games. A knight who rides in between the shadows of death, Abaddon can overwhelm his opponents with his destructive Apothic Shield and his ultimate skill, Borrowed Time. Truly a powerful hero when played right, Abaddon can be a major headache to weak starting carries, but his potential truly shines once he has the right items during the late stages of the game.

Why You Should Play Abaddon

But with the last few patches during last year’s the International, Abaddon’s winning rate and usage have been at an all-time low. It was due to the nerf on his strength gain and the high mana cost for Apothic Shield. But with the recent 7.21 patch, Abaddon has gained momentum again with his improved speed and the buff he received for strength gain, Curse of Avernus and Apothic Shield. I have had the opportunity to use Abaddon again for last night’s DotA 2 multiplayer games and it was truly amazing to use this Pale Rider of Death to harass the enemy carry.

Abaddon – A Competent Harasser

So what makes Abaddon a strong offlane hero? In the past, he was often used for the support role, but lately, his strong armor and the skill Apothic shield make Abaddon a difficult hero to kill. When compared to another favorite offlane hero of mine, Bristleback, Abaddon’s current damage is stronger and so is his base armor. Give him a Stout Shield and some tangoes and he’ll stay in the lane for as long as your regeneration items can hold. His current movement speed is also good, which allows you to chase after your enemies.

Abaddon’s Skill Updates

But perhaps Abaddon’s strongest skill as of this meta is his updated Curse of Avernus. In the past, this skill only freezes enemies, making them move slower while Abaddon and his allies who target the affected hero suddenly get a boost in attack speed, making them hit the affected enemy even faster. However, the new update gave Abaddon’s Curse of Avernus the skill to silence enemy heroes once Abaddon hits the enemy for four times. It is an increasingly powerful skill that can render the enemy team’s support and carry useless during the early stages of the game. As an offlaner, that is exactly your job and this is what makes Abaddon a powerful offlane hero for this meta.

Using Abaddon for Dummies

Still having problems playing the hero? Here are some very important points that you have to consider before choosing Abaddon as an offlaner hero for your team:

Avoid Stuns and Hexes

Check the opposing team’s enemy carry and support. Do they have a hero that can stun or place a hex on you? If the enemy team has a Sven along with a support Lion and Dazzle, then chances are you’re going to have a hard time laning against them. Abaddon is weak against stuns and hexes, so choose a different offlane hero instead if the enemy team has those two skills.

Stout Shield is Abaddon’s Favorite

Abaddon might be a tank, but he is vulnerable to magic damage at the start of the fight. Do yourself a favor and get a stout shield instead of going for Boots of Speed at once.

Last Hitting is Everything in Multiplayer Games

Learn to last-hit efficiently. Abaddon may have better damage compared to Bristleback, but that doesn’t mean that he can last hit effectively especially if you’re too scared to trade blows against the enemy carry. Do not be afraid to trade blows with your opponent. Chances are that he is also as scared as you and he’ll be the first one to run back to his tower

Itemization is Key

Get the right items for the right situation. If you notice that the opposing team has too much magic damage, then stop building that Radiance for now and build a Pipe of Insight instead. Or if the opposing team has physical damage as a threat, then build a Crimson Guard instead of Vladimir’s Offering. Learn to pick your items correctly and you’ll have an easier time with fighting opponents in your ranked matches.

Finally, learn the value of cooperative gameplay with your teammates. DotA 2 is one of the many multiplayer games that requires teamwork in order for you to win. Keep that in mind whenever you play as Abaddon.

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