Multiplayer Games: DotA 2

Multiplayer Games: DotA 2

I had the opportunity to play another session of multiplayer games with some of my friends. While waiting for the system to find an opponent for us, I suddenly saw my own stats on the screen. While reviewing my own stats, I suddenly realized that I haven’t played as Bristleback for months now. So when we were finally queued for a match and we started picking our heroes, I immediately picked Bristleback as my offlane hero. Around 25 minutes into the game, we won easily. And it’s all thanks to the toughest, spike-flailing bruiser of a melee hero!

Two White and Black Chess Knights Facing Each Other on Chess Board

The Toughest Bruiser of Multiplayer Games

Bristleback has been in the DotA roster ever since the game first came out in 2005. He’s been a major thorn to his opponents for years and his skills make him an extremely tough and dangerous hero that the opposing team would rather flee than fight when he suddenly appears on the battlefield. Of course, Bristleback is not one with weaknesses. For one, Bristleback doesn’t have any skills that stun or hexes opponents. In the fast-paced world of strategy games online, a skill that debilitates or renders your opponents helpless for just a few seconds is already a very big help during your multiplayer games. The only thing that Bristleback does use is his Viscous Nasal Goo skill, which makes him spray goo towards other players, making them slow and their armor reduced a great deal.

A Hero that’s Slow but Sure

Bristleback is also a very slow hero. Unless he gets his ultimate skill, his speed doesn’t improve until he goes level 6 or he failed to buy items that increase his speed. So even if you keep hitting the opponent with your needle spray, you’ll have a hard time finishing the job. His base attack is also not that high, thus you’ll have a problem trying to last hit the creeps with an opponent right across you.

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Spikes. Spikes Everywhere!

Don’t fret though. Even if Bristleback is slow and has a hard time fighting his opponents on equal ground, he does have a secret weapon. His spikes are known to be the scariest part of Bristleback. Also, when your opponents keep getting hit by those spikes, then they’re in for a real nasty surprise when they realize that their getting hit by the spikes is sucking away their life points at a rapid pace. Also, turning your back against your opponents will also help. His third passive skill makes Bristleback a hero that’s very difficult to kill. Because once opponents will start attacking his rear, his third passive skill will allow Bristlback to start spraying more quills from his back!

Perfect Hero for Beginners?

A unique hero among heroes, Bristleback is not that difficult to use. You just need to remember two things; first is to ask yourself whether you’re going to be purely a tank or second, check if you want to be semi-core Bristleback. For those who want to be semi-core, mind your items. Prioritize a little bit on items that increase his damage. One of the best items for Bristleback is usually Radiance. The damage coming from the aura of this item is enough to burn away the life points of the enemy creeps. This will allow you to flash farm quickly and get enough gold for the rest of your items during your multiplayer games.

If you want to build a pure tank Bristleback, then take into consideration items that give off an aura that protects your teammates against magical and physical damage. Popular items to build are Crimson Guard and Pipe of Insight.

Are you ready to play as Bristleback? If your answer is YES, then go ahead and start spraying those deadly quills everywhere.

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