Online Game: Support Player

In the world of online game, there exists that hero that sacrifices its own economy for the sake of his teammates until they’re strong enough. This hero’s gold is always spent on buying wards and upgrading the courier.

He can also set up ambushes, scouting the perimeter, and informs all the other players whenever an enemy hero goes missing.

This hero is called the Support player and he is really getting sick and tired of your stupidity.

Why do Support Players Matter in an Online Game?

In popular online games like DotA 2, every player has a role. The Support player is the one who provides all the necessary items that may benefit the rest of the team. For example, Tidehunter is a good support hero for carries such as Anti-Mage and Sven. That’s because the big fish can act as the bait.

He is impossible to kill thanks to his natural tankiness and some armor and health items under his belt. The carry player can now concentrate on farming to earn more gold for items.

Killing the support heroes of the opposing team first before engaging the other opposing players can also be done during the online game.

Following is different from listening

Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. The support role is not for players who love the attention and the glory of the kill. You can’t play as a support hero if all you want is to kill your opponents for the ego trip. It takes maturity and responsibility to play as support. Tactical know-how and full control of the map in order to take advantage of enemy weaknesses.

Most Pro Players were Support Players Once

Have a look at the results of the Internationals and you know that having a good support is all you need to win an online game. And most of the time, it is the support player who is the captain of the team.

Team Secret’s Puppey has played the support role for most of his time. He is highly regarded as one of the best DotA 2 players. His former Navi teammate Kuroky learned a lot with his time with Puppey and he is also regarded as one of the best support players in the professional league.

How to be a Better Support Player?

For those who are aspiring to become a good support player in this online game, here are some easy to remember tips:

Always learn how to ward and deward efficiently – For a team, vision is everything. With vision, you have information on where the enemy is farming, whether a gank is being set up somewhere, or whether a jungle Legion Commander is spending too much time in the neutral camp farming and is subject to an easy gank. As the support, it is your job to buy wards and place wards. Don’t wait for your carry to tell you what to do.

Learn to pull and deny creep waves – The worst thing that a support player can do is to steal last-hits from the carry. If you want to gain gold and experience, pull creep waves to the neutral side camp and start last-hitting and denying creeps from there. Before you do that though, make sure that the last creep wave has advanced further near the enemy tower. Doing the pull too early will result with the enemy creep wave advancing to your tower, thus giving the enemy offlaner the chance to kill your carry.

Do not let your carry die – In case you and your carry get ganked, always prioritize the safety of your carry. Yes, even if the carry player is an imbecile, you have to do this because you are the support. By killing you and not the carry, the enemy team gains less. Of course, don’t die too often. There is a huge difference between sacrificing your life for the carry and feeding yourself till your enemies go fat with experience and gold.

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