DotA 2 for Noobs – Mastering Warlock

For today’s post, we are going to talk about one of the most versatile support heroes for Valve’s ever-popular online multiplayer game.

Warlock was introduced in the game when it first started. For many years and with each different meta change, the hero is still popular as ever. Warlock is still a great support character to use for almost all situations. With skills that are really annoying to deal with and an ultimate that can stun and kill multiple enemies, Warlock is a hero that, if mastered, will win you a victory against all odds.

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Warlock: A Master of Teamplay in an Online Multiplayer Game?

When I started playing DotA, one of the first few heroes that I tried playing in this popular online multiplayer game was Warlock. This powerful mage has skills that are teamwork-oriented. This means that if you’re going to play as Warlock, you need to use your skills wisely.

I’ve seen too many games where even professional DotA 2 players lose critical games only because they don’t know how to use the skills of their support heroes to their full potential.

Warlock’s Skills and Abilities

In Warlock’s case, he has three amazing abilities that he can abuse in order to give his opponents living hell:

Fatal Bonds – Warlock’s first skill is Fatal Bonds. The skill binds several enemy units together and damages the target Hero. The damage is based on a percentage of damage thrown at the linked units.

Weak at the start, Fatal Bonds has a very long reach. If you only have a small percentage of life left and the enemy Warlock was able to cast Fatal Bonds on you, expect a dead Hero before setting foot back in your camp.

The Skills that Ruin Teamfights

Shadow Word – Warlock’s second skill is Shadow Word. When cast on an enemy hero, the enemy hero will take damage over time. But when cast on oneself or an allied hero, it will have the opposite effect, healing the allied player within a few seconds.

This is a skill that is very helpful for your team’s carry and incredibly annoying for the opposing team. Especially if the enemy offlane is a hero that is low on magical resistance, then you should see your opponent run back and forth without ever making the gamble to try to last hit your creeps!

The Skill that Secures a Kill

Upheaval – Again, another skill that Warlock can utilize during a team fight is Upheaval. When cast, Warlock will start chanting words while the targeted ground will start to look like a current or water ripple. Enemies inside this ripple will have a hard time moving and when they’re out of that said ripple, the slow effect will be doubled for enemy units who move farther away from the current. So if a team fight goes on and you activate Upheaval right in the middle of the fight, then your teammates will probably have an easier time killing your opponent’s heroes during the online multiplayer game.

Warlock’s Powerful Ultimate Skill

Chaotic Offering – One of the few ultimate skills that can turn a gank or ambush by your enemies into an overwhelming victory for your team. Chaotic Offering summons a large and powerful golem that leaves enemy units near the area stunned. It has a 90-second cooldown so only use it when necessary. Do not use the ultimate skill to hunt down one weakened enemy. You’re wasting the opportunity to use Warlock’s ultimate skill for important team fights.

Mastering Warlock is the Key to Victory!

Overall, Warlock is a good hero to play if you want to practice the support role. Make sure to pick the right items though, because Warlock can greatly benefit items that can boost his magical abilities or enough defensive items that he doesn’t get wrecked by the enemy carry at once.

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