DotA 2 – Who’s Hot and Who’s Not for Update 7.21?

Multiplayer Games Online Tips: Essential DotA Strategies

With Update 7.21 for Steam’s Defense of the Ancients (DotA 2 for short) in full swing, let’s have a look at which heroes are hot and which heroes are on the Not list for one of today’s hottest internet games.

And why are we talking about this? Can’t we all just continue using the heroes that we love playing? I mean, DotA2 is just one of many internet games and winning isn’t everything right?

Yeah right. Whatever you say, pal.

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In DotA 2, Strategy is Everything

In the world of DotA 2, a strategy is everything to winning games. All it takes is to learn about the meta and analyze game replays. Those are what you need to unlock the gates of victory for one of the most challenging internet games in the world.

Professional DotA players recently conluded the Chongging Majors just a few months ago. Did you notice the captain of each team is always seen holding a big notebook before starting the game or match?

These notebooks are filled with tactics taken against heroes that are strong in the current patch. These tactics come from experience playing internet games of DotA 2.

This is how serious this game can be. Dota 2 is more than just any of those internet games that you play.

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DotA is not like Any Other Internet Games

Unless you have no idea why checking the current meta is important, you’ll still understand its importance when you suddenly notice your favorite hero losing you many ranked games in the next few days or weeks. The world of DotA 2 is always changing and so are the skills and talents of each hero. This is why professional DotA players analyze game replays to build tactics against their opponents.

Who’s Hot and Who’s Not for 7.21?

And since we’ve taken a lot of time already talking about the importance of learning the current meta, it’s time we talk about which of DotA 2’s heroes are hot and which unlucky ones are not:

The Hot Ones

Ursa – The big fuzzy bear has always been a hot hero because of his high damage and his ability to completely destroy the monster Roshan within a few minutes into the game. His only problem in the past meta is his slow speed. This meta, however, that problem has been rectified. Ursa now has +15 movement speed, so if you’re not too careful or are just extremely foolish, then Fuzzy Wozzy will definitely tear you apart once he gets his first Boots of Speed within the first 5 minutes.

Lifestealer – Probably the dark horse of every meta, Lifestealer is an unpredictable but powerful carry. His speed and armor got nerfed a few updates earlier. That may change soon though because just like Ursa, Lifestealer also has +15 movement speed along with a nice +2 to base armor. A carry that is harder to kill, is faster and can regenerate life because of his skills. Just wonderful.

Rubick – The recipient of last year’s the International arcana, Rubick is also one of the winningest support heroes right now. And it’s all thanks to his level 15 talent. His Fade Bolt now reduces 60 damage instead of just 45. He was also picked 58 times during the last Majors and has a winning rate of 59%.

The Not

Tusk – Okay, I hate this hero. You’re just quietly last hitting the mid creeps when suddenly, a snowball comes rushing in at you. You always wind up dead after a full man gank. So when Valve announced Update 7.21, I literally jumped for joy. Tusk got a major nerf and that means less chances of the hero winning games. Good riddance.

Juggernaut – Despite getting 4 nerfs at the same time, Juggernaut still remains as one of the most picked carries in DotA 2 pub games. No one is exactly sure why he remains popular, but if I were to guess, it’s because his skills are simple enough to master.

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