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Downloading Games: Text Adventure Games Websites

Downloading games and playing is common among every child. Games are one of the most exciting activities for children. There are various types of games available online and offline. Video games are the favorite pass time for many people. Starting from children to teenagers even professional players, there are various types of online games available in play stores.

Earlier, the graphix of the games were not up to the mark. Although there are many games that people love to play even today. Such were the text games. The text adventure games were a hit in earlier days. Since these games had stories, it was great to lay these games as it was equal with reading storybooks. These were also known as interactive fiction.

Downloading Games: Text Adventure Games Websites
Downloading Games: Text Adventure Games Websites

Downloading Games: Interactive Fiction Stories As Text Adventure Games

Text adventure games like those of interactive fiction stories is a great pass time. These types of games are mostly comedy, romance, or any kind of thrill and adventure. Often these games are alike to real lives. Even today, with high graphics games on computers, it is fun to play these simple text games. You can easily get lost in the stories and the mystical adventures of the books. You can defect monsters and win the game, and become the hero of the story. There are various websites where you can download these games

Websites For Downloading Games: Classic And Adventure

Downloading Games: Text Adventure Games Websites
Downloading Games: Text Adventure Games Websites

There are various websites where you will easily find these games to download. There are various types of text adventure games and classic games available for you.


You can easily play text adventure games online. Web Adventure is a website that allows you to play these games for free online. Moreover, you don’t have to enable any kind of plugins or JavaScript to do so. The best part is you can also play these games online. These games are great for children as it helps to improve their comprehension skills and imagination.

Adventure Games Live

The adventure games live is a website where you can play adventure games live and for free. The graphics and an interface of the menu are present in the game. Moreover, you do not need any platforms like Java to play these games.

Adventure Games: Online Games Network

It is not mandatory to download games for playing. There are a lot of websites that allow you to play for free. The online gaming network contains a variety of links that will take you to a variety of games. You will find different role-playing games and adventure games online.


You can use flash to play various online text adventure games that you will find on this website. They have a vast collection and keep their website updated.

If you are looking for a vast variety of amazing adventure games you can easily get the, here on this website. One of the popular text adventure games is the Adventureland which you can easily find in this site.


There are various types of websites available online where you can play the classic adventure games for free. Some of them are HumBug, Memoir Text Adventure, Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and various others.

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