Enable Ultra-Low Latency In NVIDIA Graphics?

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Do you want to win the competitive online first-person shooter game? Are you dying too much in a game, even though you are confident with your skills? Don’t worry, and it happens, sometimes everything seems to be perfect, but still, you miss the final shot, which gives you the chicken dinner. We are going to tell you a little secret which NVIDIA Graphics hide from you. You can quickly lower your latency in-game, meaning when your shooting will be increased in terms of quick reaction time. Today we are going to show you how you can enable ultra-low latency mode for NVIDIA graphics in your gaming computer without hurting your graphic card and the system performance. 

How to Enable Ultra-Low Latency Mode for NVIDIA Graphics?
How to Enable Ultra-Low Latency Mode for NVIDIA Graphics?

What Is Low Latency In Video Games?

Latency is referred to as something which is present and but still hasn’t been developed or worked out yet. In terms of video games, latency is the unit you measure between the time taken between the click that you made on your mouse to the shot that has been fired by your character in the game. Having a lower latency increases your chances of winning.

Furthermore, lower latency doesn’t have to do with your frame rate per second FPS. Your graphic card can be pumping around 144 fps, but still, you might feel the latency in your character movements. To overcome this, you need to perform simple changes in your graphics settings, and that’s all it is required. On the other hand, if you make the settings of ultra-low latency, you can expect to get a drop in your fps by 5%. 

How To Enable It In Nvidia Graphics?

Every Nvidia graphic card comes with drivers, and to get the best experience out of your graphics card, you need to update the drivers frequently. In addition to this, Nividia provides two software with its driver update. Also, only DirectX 9 and DirectX 11allows users to enable low latency mode for the games. In case you are want to enable it for Direct X 12 games you don’t have any choice. This is because the newer games decide themselves when to queue the frame to render scheduling.

First of all, you need to check whether all the drivers are updated or not, once you are done with updating your drivers. You need to restart your computer.

After that, open your Nvidia control panel on your desktop by clicking on the right button your mouse on a screen.

Now, go to manage 3D settings in the control panel.

Furthermore, here you need to choose if you want to enable it. For a specific game that you want to have a low latency or for all the games that have been installed on your computer.

How to Enable Ultra-Low Latency Mode for NVIDIA Graphics?
How to Enable Ultra-Low Latency Mode for NVIDIA Graphics?

If you go for the latter option, you go to global settings. And find out low latency mode, click on it and set it to ultra. Now just the save the changes, and you are done.

On the other hand, for a specific game, go to the program setting instead of a global setting. And choose the game you want to have low latency by browsing through your game files. Select the game and then perform the same steps as we told for a global setting.

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