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There are literally thousands of different video games that have been released based on the Star Wars series. Some are based entirely on movies while others are very loosely based on the Star Wars Expanded Universe as well. Many games are action type games and others are role-playing games. The variety of different games is staggering and most people will have at least a few favorites.

However, if you really enjoy Star Wars you probably know that there is quite a bit of content out there on the internet that is in the form of articles, stories and trivia. Some of this material is so complete that it can literally become addictive. For those who don’t want to read through the information, there are games where you play the part of an important character in the Star Wars universe. These can be found all over the web.

Games For PC

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One of my favorites that I have found is the Age of Empire game. This game puts players into the middle of the Clone Wars. You can choose to be part of the rebellion or the imperial forces. Either way this story line will keep you interested and entertained.

Another popular choice among Star Wars games for the PC is the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. It takes the entire Star Wars saga and condenses it down into a two-act play. The first act covers the events that occur during the original trilogy and the second act focuses on the following movies. Both of these releases are available for a fairly reasonable price. However, the best part about them is that you can play through all of the movies without ever having to buy the other discs.

A lot of people also enjoy playing the games of the Star Wars prequels. First up is Revenge of the Sith. This release re-imagines the Darth Vader and Yoda character from the original trilogy. This release puts players in the shoes of Anakin Skywalker. With the success of Revenge of the Sith, there is sure to be more prequels coming out before the release of the next original movie in the Star Wars series.

Here Comes The PC Lego Games

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Other games in the franchise are definitely worth looking into. In particular, I am quite fond of the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon. The set includes an all plastic model of the ship with a life-sized action figure. This ship can be played with in just one click. The game is simple and is comparable to any of the previous games within the franchise.

Of course, there is no Star Wars game that would not be complete without the films’ main characters, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. In LEGO Star Wars Episodes III and IV, you can play as both of them. I especially like LEGO Star Wars IV, where you can play as a classic LEGO character and then insert the figures from Episodes I and II. This has always been a neat feature of LEGO Star Wars games for the PC and it will be enjoyed by many fans of the series.

If you enjoy playing games on your computer or gaming console, then there is no doubt you have heard about LEGO. But did you know that this popular toy franchise started as a German company? That is quite interesting, isn’t it? If you have never played any of these games, then you owe it to yourself to give them a try.

You can either play the games on your PC or get them downloaded for free on any of the sites that offer downloads of LEGO games. Some sites give you free games, while others require you to pay a small fee. As you can see, there are some differences between the free LEGO games and those that require payment. However, you are free to decide which ones you like best.

Bottom Line

Before playing any of the LEGO games for PC, be sure to check out the reviews given by players on different gaming sites. Read what they have to say about the game and make sure that you are not having problems or bugs when playing this version of the series. You don’t want to spend hours of your time in the game, only to find out that you have to restart because of some annoying technicalities. So, check the reviews first and make sure that you will enjoy the fun of playing this type of games on your PC.

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