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spongebob console games

Are you a huge fan of Spongebob? Do you want to see SpongeBob jumping around in your games? Spongebob Squarepants is one of the multi-billion franchises on television. It was one of the famous cartoons amongst the kids. The creators and developers tried to make it more popular by bringing SpongeBob into games and making it super popular. The SpongeBob game was gaining popularity against any other Nickelodeon’s cartoon show. Slowly and steadily, over twenty years, you can see SpongeBob has gotten into movies, merchandise, theme parks, and SpongeBob console games as well.

Today we will have some of the top-rated SpongeBob console games that you can enjoy on various other platforms like Xbox and PlayStation.

Battle For Bikini Bottom – One Of The Best Spongebob Console Games

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This SpongeBob Console game was launched in 2003, and this game has set a gold platform for all the SpongeBob games. In this particular game, the players have to control SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy, who runs behind saving the Bikini Bottom from the Evil’s robot army. In this particular game, the levels are very well designed and will give you a feeling of an endless game. You will be facing different enemies at every stage, which will provide you with a new feel rather than facing the same enemies at every step. The most exciting part of this game is the voice used in the game was the same for the characters in the show.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie(Game)

This game was having a lot of hype after the release of the first SpongeBob feature film. The franchise released the fun with the film to make it more popular. The players would control SpongeBob and Patrick, who would run to save Me. Krabs and Bikini Bottom. It was one of the popular SpongeBob console games where the creators worked hard on platforming, mini-games, and driving sequence. It is one of the popular games on various platform such as personal computer, PlayStation, Xbox or any other.

Operation Krabby Patty

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It was a shorter game but an enjoyable game. You could complete this game within a few hours, which would contain both storylines, but it will be indeed full of fun and entertainment. It was one of the older games from 2001. In this game, fans would explore to get to parts of Bikini Bottom and interact with locals through dialogues and cutscenes.

The Yellow Avenger

In this game, SpongeBob would be playing the character of the superhero in the Yellow Avenger. In this SpongeBob console game, you would be interacting with so many characters from the show. Also, you will get a feeling of destroying a super enemy baddie. This game was released on handheld consoles.


There are many SpongeBob console games that are available in the market for fans. SpongeBob has not lost its popularity, and so many people have that same craze for those games and feature films.  You can get a collection of these games on various platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and many more. You can enjoy your favorite character SpongeBob in these games with your family and friends.

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