Fallout 4: A Review

Fallout 4: A Review

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Today looks like a fine day for discussing a game that millions of gamers have played around 3 years ago. We’re going to talk about Bethesda’s extremely popular shooter/adventure game. The one that lets you dive right into the apocalyptic world of the Commonwealth. Welcome home to New Boston and Massachusetts; it’s time to talk about Fallout 4.

Some Background About Fallout 4

Released on November 10, 2015, Fallout 4 tells the story of the “Sole Survivor. A Vault Dweller who emerged from Vault 111 after being in cryostasis for 200 years. The world as he/she knew it is already gone and because of an unfortunate event that happened. The Sole Survivor is survival against mutated enemies.

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The Fallout series introduced an alternate timeline where after the 2nd World War. A time when scientists discovered the secrets to unlimited atomic energy. With the world collapsing and the United States at war, an Earth-destroying nuclear explosion broke out. Because of the nuclear holocaust, strange mutated creatures are roaming the world. And their goal is to stop you from your mission.

The Good

The best thing about this games online for pc is the advanced graphics and gameplay style. You still get the first person and third person shooting view option for a full experience. While not as advanced as virtual reality, the shifting from the third person to first person view feature add better player immersion. I remembered one particular mission where I had to save someone inside a base full of Raiders. I suddenly jumped into some sort of pit just to save people from a Deathclaw. Good thing I managed to kill the irradiated lizard with only a few scratches. Or perhaps I was just truly lucky that I noticed him before he managed to kill me with one fell swoop of his massive claws.

Another great thing about Fallout 4 is that because of its Mod capabilities. Because of this, the popularity of the game increased more. The only way to access the modding page is to add your login details in Bethesda’s website. While not all amazing mods from the PC are accessible to console players, the mods are already competent and good enough for console players to use.

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The Bad

Well, the disappointing part of this games online for pc is its short story. Even I think that the story is too short and the resolution is too predictable. Once you’ve cleared the game, you are left no other choice but to travel from one place to the next, hoping that you’ll find something to do before boredom kills you. Also, with the main story being short, you’ll tend to go after the side missions first before completing the missions. You’re afraid that you’ll finish the main mission in a few hours.

The Promising

Despite the mixed reviews, Fallout 4 was still considered a gaming title that is worthy of being called the “Game of the Year”. With millions of copies sold worldwide, it is little surprise that Bethesda decided to create and release another Fallout game, which is Fallout 76. Unfortunately, the reception for the said new game was a total failure. The game was heavily criticized due to many different reasons. I guess people are now a little tired with too many games online for PC.

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