Fortnite- Most Epic FPS Game Ever?

Okay, I know that there are shooting games out there that kids of all ages love. And I also know that different age groups also have their own different kinds of popular games. But there is something about it that I have negative feelings about. Perhaps I am just overreacting or it’s just me getting old, but I just can’t stand the kind of games that kids nowadays play. And what makes the game even more annoying is when kids start wiggling all over the place while copying a set of actions that taunt other players in the game.

What Is Fortnite Really?

The game I’m talking about is Fornite. Developed by Epic Games and released in 2017, Fortnite became one of the most popular online shooting games. And it even got bigger when the Battle Royale mode was introduced for players all over the world. In an instant, it became a huge rival to the other popular online shooting game Player Underground. With over millions of players from all over the world downloading the game, Fortnite became a commercial success for Epic Games. And truth be told, the game does deserve all the accolades that it is getting right now.

The best thing about Fortnite is the ability to build and create a fort or a base of your own along with your teammates. Inside the base, you manage your resources while planning on raids. Your main goal is to help save and defend survivors who were not yet “infected” by your opponents, the zombies. Save the World mode was a very popular game mode for Fortnite because it helped players develop creativity. You can build your base, upgrade your defenses, and prepare for waves of computer-controlled enemies swarming over your camp.

Now that we’ve talked about the good part, it’s time to head over to the bad part.

Is It A Hardcore Shooting Game Or Not?

To be precise, Fornite is considered a shooting game, but I don’t feel that it’s a shooting game. Not when it’s all about the other stuff. Buying skins and just playing to fit in is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Which is far different from the hardcore shooting games that I used to play.

Because of its immense popularity, even celebrities have started playing Fornite. You’ll see these celebrities sharing Youtube videos of them, playing the game along with other online gamers. Fortnite’s popularity is a good sign for Epic Games. On the other hand, it is a bad sign for younger players because since it is a popular game, it’s the ONLY game that kids these days will ever play. Where’s the fun in that?

Fortnite Is A Global Craze

Getting obsessed with shooting games is normal. But not when you have 9-year-old kids refusing to go to school just to play Fortnite inside their rooms all day. And even if you do manage to drag your kids outside for school, once they’re back home, it’s the only thing that they’ll ever do. I am not even kidding; there was a report once of a young girl who had to undergo rehabilitation because she got too addicted to playing this stupid game over and over again.

Then there’s the game’s microtransaction system. The only way to get more attractive skins for your custom avatar in Fortnite is to buy new skins. Which is quite new to shooting games by the way. You can easily buy these skins with the use of credit cards, so it’s off for these kiddos to beg for Daddy’s credit card details. Unfortunately, there are small cases where kids steal their parent’s credit card information and use it to buy stuff from the game. Also, the only way for players to easily beat others and jump up the rank is through buying items that boost their avatar’s performance. For the rich kids, this is easy. But for those who don’t have the luxury, it’s unfair.

Whatever the case, Fortnite is here to stay. I can only wish that kids nowadays will finally stop talking about the game every second. It’s like the game itself has transformed the players into zombies!

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