Free Games For PC- Download These Fun Games Right Now

free games for pc

Are you looking for free games for pc to download? Well, you are in the right place. Many of us have survived this year by playing amazing games while quarantined at home. There are many free games for pc online to have all the fun without spending money.

Free games doesn’t mean they are not fun as paid games; you will enjoy these games.

We have got some best picks in our list of free games for pc.


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If you are someone who loves playing fighting games, then this game is your pick. Brawlhalla is a fun and thrilling game that is similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. However, this game has some more twists, which makes it too fun to play.

The game lets you play with four mates. To win the game, you need to knock all the other opponents off the field. All the fighters get a proper set of weapons to fight during a match.


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Warframe is another incredible free game for pc. At first, you may not feel worth playing it; however, later, you will find this game incredibly fun and exciting to play.

Warframe has made so many changes and updates in the game since it launched initially. The interface and visuals have been upgraded. It has both competitive and cooperative modes. Warframe ensures you never get bored as it offers you a vast set of frames and weapons to enjoy every mission with something new.


Fortnite is killing a shooting game. In this game, a player has to survive by shooting other players to win the game. Also, players need to use resources to build houses and other infrastructures to save themselves from other players’ attacks.

Fortnite is a trendy game among teens. First, it is free to download; secondly, its ever-evolving nature. Yes, everyday new modes are launched so that kids stay hooked to the game.

League of legends

Another in our list of free games for pc for a fantastic gaming experience, league of legends. It is one of the highly played games among kids with the highest downloads. This game lets you play as a warrior and a champion with sharp skills as well as mobility. You can play this game in a team to defeat the opponent team to emerge as a winner.

It has more than 30 million downloads worldwide. The best part of League of league is that the game has no hidden costs. Also, you can make some new connections through this game.

Overall, if you are interested in playing multiplayer online battle arena games, we strongly recommend you download the League of legends. The game is straightforward to play, and it’s an entertaining game.

All in All:

So this was our list of top free games for pc you can download today and have a fun time. You can choose from the wide category of games as per your interest. You can also play a demo to learn more about the game before downloading it.

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