Game Controller For Phones

Game Controller For Phones

Game controller for phones comes in in various forms. Whether you are an Android user or an Apple user, you must have come across the gaming section for your smartphone. Some people like to play games on their smartphones for entertainment purposes, and some play as a professional gamer. They require game controllers to play the game on the phone.

If you are a gamer, you might have come across different types of controller for your smartphones. Different gamers have a distinct need for their best gaming experience. Some connect directly to the phone and some game controller for phones are wireless and can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Game Controller For Phones
Game Controller For Phones

Different Types Of Game Controller For Your Phones

  • PUBG trigger

If you are a gamer, you must have heard of the game called PUBG. Playing PUBG using only your smartphone screen can be difficult. This is where this trigger comes in. You can easily attach this triggers directly to your smartphone screen. And these can be calibrated very easily by changing the position of the fire button and scope button. This trigger gives a gamer a feeling of pulling a mechanical trigger instead of touching screen. This makes the game much more comfortable and enjoyable for a player.

  • Bluetooth controller

Some controllers in the market look like a traditional controller but can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. People can easily configure these controllers by going to the options menu of the controller supported games. People can use these controllers to play a wide variety of games. From racing style to shooting style. This controller gives you the feeling of a traditional controller. You can play many traditional games on your smartphones that would have been proven difficult without controllers. Like super Mario, kart racing, tanks, etc.

Some Other Game Controller For Phones

  • Docking controllers

Gamers can dock this type of controllers on their smartphones , giving gamer feeling of handheld gaming devices like PSP (PlayStation portable) or Nintendo game. This controller provides the gamer a fantastic experience as gamer doesn’t have to hold the smartphone separately or keep it in in some stand. Giving the player extra mobility and safety for their devices.

  • Keyboard and mouse

You might not believe this, but it in this advanced smartphone world one can easily connect keyboard and mouse directly e to their smartphone and can have the same gaming experience they enjoy on all desktops and laptops. If you are a professional gamer, you must know the keyboard and mouse all the best gaming tool of all time. I don’t need to teach you about the keyboard and mouse.

  • Wi-Fi controller

Wi-Fi controller works, in the same manner, the Bluetooth controller does only difference is this controller can connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Some smartphones are off of the older generation and don’t have advanced Bluetooth. These types of gamer can use Wi-Fi controllers instead of the Bluetooth controller if they want to use the controller in their smartphones.

Game Controller For Phones
Game Controller For Phones


These are some controllers for smartphones that any gamer can use with their smartphone to increase their gaming experience. These also make gaming easy and enjoyable. Anyone can use them; they are not limited to gamers only.