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Various games are great for play but have sociopolitical issues. The apple company bans many games that have problems with the application stores. Many high profile games have come to web and android platforms that you can play. That way, you will have an idea of what the fuss is about exactly. Even the guidelines of the applications are highly debatable. Apple allows games with gore and graphic violence. However, the company is totally against sociopolitical issues. There are certain games banned from these platforms.

Games Banned: 6 Games Banned From iOS
Games Banned: 6 Games Banned From iOS

Games Banned By Apple


Sweatshop HD is a powerful strategy game mostly defensive that makes you run a sweatshop. Although the game is animation yet, it provokes your thinking about the manufacturing and sweatshop industries. In the game, you can hire child laborers and cut corners for savings. It also allows you to hire highly skilled workers and eliminate dangers. You can do anything to have a decent profit at your workplace. The game will enable you to operate the entire game and face the consequences of your choices. Thus it makes a whole new level of sweatshop issues. However, the game is yet to update on Android stores. However, it is not at all surprising that the android has not updated the game. However, you can play it on the flash browser.

Phone Story

If you are looking for a satirical game that bases on the phone stories of both android and apple. The game is about the metals that the enslaved children mine and about the Foxconn suicides, obsolesce, and electronic waste pollution. The game is simple, and mini-games are crude and short.

Permanent Save State

The abstract and the great game is about overworked workers who commit suicide due to the pressure at the Foxconn site. The site here gets a sponsor by apple. The visual representation of the game is different and unique with its hand draw styles.

Games Banned: 6 Games Banned From iOS
Games Banned: 6 Games Banned From iOS

Games Banned: Endgame: Syria

The game is usually a new game and relies on current events with gaming techniques. It is typically a trading card game that highlights the condition of the conflicts in Syria. There are various military and political aspects of the conflict can be seen in the game. However, the game is exciting as it makes the news an interesting interactive session.

Smuggle Truck

The smuggle truck game is about hiding your passengers outside the American borders. However, one does it by throwing them out of the truck. There were many controversies on the game and thus resulting in banning. After this, the game changed the passengers with teddy bears.


The OnLive is not a game but a gaming application. It is on hold for a year now and waiting for its approval by the application platforms. However, you can use the service from your personal computer or android devices.

Games Banned: Conclusion

Apple has it’s own policies to follow and does not allow anyone to download these banned games without breaking the law.  

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