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If you’re looking for top games console systems, electronics, and other video game accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will discover the best seasonal sales and discounts on top games console systems including the Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and the Nintendo Switch. Plus, a great assortment of new handheld games consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, plus a whole new line of accessories for every type of video game system ever made, including PC, PS3, and Xbox.

An Overview

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Games consoles are built to give you hours of entertainment while limiting your power consumption. For instance, the Xbox One X is designed to power through hardcore video game play while ensuring low power consumption. To do this, it has a very efficient graphics processor and a custom fabric semiconductor solution. For the highest level of image and graphic processing power, the Xbox Ones is enhanced with the “Scorpio Engine,” which delivers superior graphics. In addition, the Xbox One X delivers high power efficiency and performance.

However, even with all of these benefits, the price of any console system can be a concern for some consumers. Luckily, the console market has continued to mature with the introduction of more powerful, faster, and more efficient processors. The latest addition to the top games console lines is the Xbox One X, which is capable of delivering up to four times the power of the Xbox One S. Along with the upgraded hardware comes some new features, too. For example, the Xbox One X now includes a memory card for an even greater hard drive storage capacity. There is also a newly designed external hard drive for storage expansion.

The Best Option

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For video game enthusiasts who demand the best in graphics, processing power, and network functionality, there is no substitute for the leading console, the PlayStation 4. However, it is expensive. The PlayStation 4 has received lukewarm reviews so far, but it is expected that it will receive good reviews once consumers have the chance to see it in full functionality. The Xbox One S is the top games console when it comes to media and networking capabilities, but it is priced too high for many consumers to consider.

If you are on a tight budget but still want the best games consoles, then you may want to look into Nintendo’s Wii console. Although it is not considered the best gaming console, it does have its fan base. It is relatively inexpensive and is capable of providing users with hours of fun. The Wii’s controller is unique in that it enables users to play games using both their feet and hands.

The Features

If you have questions about how much power your processor needs, then the HP pavilion 2.4 Ghz All-in-One O.U. processor will be a great option. The chip is power efficient, has a low temperature, and has four cores which will boost the processor speed up to three hundred percent. While this chip has been out of production for a while, it is still a worthy addition to your processor.

A quick comparison of the Xbox Scorpio vs. the Nintendo Wii, shows that the Nintendo Wii’s processor is much more powerful when compared to the Scorpio. The Wii uses eight cores, whereas the Scorpio utilizes sixteen cores. This is due to the difference in processor design. The Nintendo Wii utilizes a single core whereas the Scorpio utilizes two cores. Two cores are necessary for the Wii to match up with its competitors.


The final piece to look at is the Turbo Frequency module. The Turbo Frequency is important because it determines the amount of time the processor takes to begin processing commands. The Intel Xeon processor is one of the most power-efficient processors that can be purchased today. The six core Intel processor is able to maintain a steady and strong turbo frequency and that allowing it to remain one of the best options for all of your gaming needs.

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