Get This Futuristic Design Mouse For Your Fantastic Gaming Experience And A Game Changer! Get This!

If you are a gamer then you might know that in gaming how much sensitivity and timing is required in your gaming. Normal mousses are fair enough for your gaming but not a good choice for your gaming. Today technology has grown so much and these gaming things are also grown so much with it. To increase the gaming experience there are mouses that are made especially for gaming. They give you multiple buttons to do more things in just only a mouse.

Gaming mouses are designed for gamers especially. As in the gaming sensitivity is the most important, these gaming mice have adjustable sensitivity, which is configurable as the number of dots per inch (DPI). This mouse is a futuristic design for an ideal gaming experience. Thus this provides gamer a great experience to gamer. 

It is a wireless mouse that can even connect through the USB. It is a great choice for gaming and all gamers must own this. The gaming mouse does not create any direct advantage to the gamer but it enhances the game by performing the things that a normal mouse cannot. 

Here you will find all the information about Futuristic Gaming Mouse. So, let’s dig in to get more information about this amazing product.


●     Brand Name: Sunrose

●     Type: 2.4Ghz Wireless

●     Number of Rollers: 1

●     Gross Weight: 140g

●     DPI: 1600

●     Package: Yes

●     Number of Buttons: 7

●     Operation Mode: Opto-electronic

●     Style: 3D

●     Power Type: Rechargeable

●     Time to Market: 2018

●     Model Number: 214

●     Hand Orientation: Both Type

●     Interface Type: USB

●     Packaging Includes: box, usb receiver (mini), wireless mouse

Graphical user interface

Pros of Futuristic Gaming Mouse

●     The mouse is rechargeable.

●     It is a futuristic design for ideal gaming.

●     It is durable and long-lasting.

●     It is also good for computer work too.

●     The performance is improved by this mouse.

●     The mouse is comfortable and has Ergonomic Advantages.

●     The look of the mouse is amazing.

●     It provides you with flexible movement.


Cons of Futuristic Gaming Mouse

●     They need a flat surface close to the computer.

●     This mouse relies on battery power and is required to be charged.

●     You might face input lag problems sometimes.

●     The mouse is Quite expensive.


So this was the whole information about this amazing product “Futuristic Gaming Mouse”. If you are a gamer or a games loving person then you must own a gaming mouse because it provides you a great experience in gaming. By providing multiple buttons it gives you many tasks to do in such a small mouse. Hope you got all the information about this mouse. 

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