Google Games That You Cannot Afford To Miss

google games

There are times when we are incredibly bored, and we cannot find any way to pass the time. But little do we know that Google has some of the best free online games that will take your boredom away. You do not require a gaming pc or console in order to lay your hands on these games. Here are some of the many secret games that you can get on all the products and start playing right away. You can get the old favorite games that you have been craving for one part is that you will not even need the internet. Here are the most excellent Google games that you can try right now, so what are you waiting for. 

Flight Simulator

Google Games

This is available on Google Earth is quite an exhilarating game that you can try. You can easily install it on your personal computer, and it will give you a new experience, especially if you are in love with aviation. If you are curious about how it feels to be inside the cockpit and fly your own airplane, this is the perfect game that is going to be your best friend in the long run. The best part is that you do not need a copy of the Microsoft flight simulator. It is easy to install on your personal computer and will take only a few minutes.

Google Dinosaur Game

Google Games

Whenever you get disconnected from the internet, you will see that there is a dinosaur that props up. It is straightforward to play the game, and even the kids can give it a try. All you had to do was on the space key on your keyboard, and the game would launch automatically. You have to skip over the cactus plants as a dinosaur in this game, and you cannot let the dinosaur get hit even once. 


Google game that we all have played for at least once in our lives. If you know how to play cards, this will be your best friend for a long time. You do not need access to the internet in order to play this game, and it is readily available on Windows PC. Type solitaire on the Google search or any browser and press on the play button. The game will immediately launch, and you can get the standard experience of playing cards. Just have to drag the parts from one position to the other and play according to the rules. There is a software version of solitaire which is available, and you can try it on windows as well. 


We are talking about cloud storage, but it is an Android game that you can play on your phone. Even if your device is offline, you will be able to play this game without any problems. There is an animated icon that will come next to the no signal setup. It will help you launch the full-screen game, and you can start playing right away. 

Bottom Note

There are numerous games that you can play whenever you are bored. The USP of each of these games is that you do not need an internet connection for playing any of these games. 

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