Google Stadia Future Of Gaming

Google Stadia, the giant technology company, dominating every industry in the world, wants to be the future of gaming as well. The gaming industry is a very profitable yet very competitive industry as well. Sony, followed by Microsoft rules today’s gaming industry. So, Google is a new entry in the gaming industry. Moreover, they have high hopes and ambition as well. Google is brilliant and is not selling you any expensive consoles or anything like that.
Furthermore, they are selling you control and a subscription on their server. Google Stadia is an online game streaming service, which works in a pretty simple way. It is as easy as you stream anything on Netflix. Hence, Google is giving out subscriptions. You need to buy them, have a good and steady Internet connection, and you are good to go. Now you can play games from their servers.

Google Stadia Wants To Be Future Of Gaming

The Competition For Google Stadia

Google Stadia was just launched recently. However, people did not like it much. There are some issues with Google Stadia. Such as it does not have a good game lineup right now. There are also some service and network issues. Furthermore, in the upcoming year, 2020, Google will face competition in the gaming zone. Sony plans to launch PlayStation 5 that will change the gaming industry. Right now, Sony rules the industry with PlayStation 4, which is the highest selling gaming console ever. Sony has also worked a lot in bringing a lot of exclusive game titles to its platform. Such as Days are gone, death stranding, Spider-Man. The last of the series, the uncharted series, is also there, to name a few.

The Competition Continues For Google Stadia

PlayStation 5 is to be launched near Christmas of 2020. However, Microsoft is looking to start the new Xbox Scarlett around the same time. Moreover, the entry of Google makes it cheaper for gamers. This is because of the entry of a new rival. So, both Sony and Microsoft have cut the cost of their subscriptions also. Furthermore, fewer prices are suitable for gamers all over the world. Hence, Google is going to find it very difficult to penetrate a market widely owned by two gaming Giants namely Sony and Microsoft.


There are a lot of benefits of Google games like cheaper games. So, gamers are getting more and more exclusive titles, as well as better and good games at low prices. The competition in the gaming industry is pushing everybody hard to overcome each other. Game streaming is a relatively new concept, so it will take time to function well and effectively.
Moreover, people will take time to accept this original gaming method. The same thing happened when Sony introduced online games. People were in the habit of buying physical copies of the game but took time to adjust. Nowadays, more people buy online copies than they purchase physical copies of the game.

Google Stadia Wants To Be Future Of Gaming


The coming years are surely going to be suitable for the gaming industry. Google is set to bring in about significant changes in the industry. All the competitors are gearing up to face each other head-on.

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