The Gaming Consoles

One of the biggest dilemmas for game console owners is what to do with the old gaming consoles that are stuck on your shelf. The easiest answer would be to sell all of them, but if you’re just like me, a sentimental fool who loves collecting stuff that reminds me of certain special events of the past, you’re never going to sell that old Nintendo Entertainment System or Sega Genesis to someone else. And why should you?

Game Console that Span Through Time

If you have the chance to check online, there are a lot of people who take great pride in their console collection through the years. I know one friend who still has a working NES, Sega Genesis, and the Nintendo Japanese console Famicom in his shelf. I personally have a working PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, along with an Xbox One. My old Xbox 360, unfortunately, died out on me because of the dreaded “Red Ring of Death”, an error in the Xbox system that annoyed Xbox 360 fans for years. Good thing that Microsoft managed to correct that problem; the only bad thing is that they gave us a bulky useless scrap of a console.

Great Ideas for your Old Game Console

Okay, now I’m getting off-topic. If you’re just like me who refuse to sell your old consoles, then here are some of the fun things that you can do for these precious antiques of the past.

Use them as media devices – My PlayStation 3 has a memory of 500 GB. When I realized that I was spending less time with the old console, I decided to store all my music and movies into the console. Even until today, my PS3 is my go-to device for music and watching movies with the wife. And if I ever get nostalgic about some of my favorite PS3 action and car games, I can simply go back to using the PlayStation 3 as a gaming console. Not bad for Sony’s supposed failure of a device.

Something to be Proud Of

Use the old consoles as trophies of your gaming prowess – Remember when you finally beat Contra when you were still a kid? I bet you bragged about it in school for almost a week. Now that you’re all grown up, you still cherish those memories, right? What better way to cherish that momentous occasion by putting up your old Nintendo Entertainment System or Famicom up for display? I wished I didn’t throw away my old game console. I can just put them on display along with my other consoles.

Gaming Consoles as Furniture Decorations

Use the old controllers and the body of the console itself as table decorations – I know one guy who transformed his old Famicon into paperweights. He used the controllers as paperweights for smaller pieces of documents and paper while the body of the console itself was transformed into a pen holder and paperweight for magazines. Not bad, if I may say so myself.

Tried Repairing the Old Machine?

Have your old console repaired – Except for the newer generation of gaming consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the older generation of consoles can be repaired easily. I remember an episode in Angry Video Game Nerd where the Nerd proudly showed off his Nintoaster. Yes, it’s a Nintendo Entertainment System console with the body of a toaster. And yes, the lever that supposedly pops out the cooked bread from the toaster works as the cartridge remover. There are many electricians and engineers who can design various new ways to repair and make use of your old consoles, so why not take the time to look for these guys and invest yourself with the repair of your old beloved consoles?

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