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The release of Apple Sidecar has brought ear to ear smile on the faces. They are amazed by the fact that they can use their iPad to mirror their Mac or use the iPad’s screen as a secondary screen to their Mac. This new update is a wind of relief for designers and illustrators to get most out of their Apple devices. There are some of the accessible Apps on external mac display with sidecar. Hence, you will know them here on this page.

Head-To-Toe Guide For Using Sidecar As External Mac Display
Head-To-Toe Guide For Using Sidecar As External Mac Display

Before thinking of winning the word with this latest update, you will require to know its ifs and buts to get started. This article shall pave your way and enlighten your wisdom about using Sidecar with MacOS Catalina.

Not All iPads Support External Mac Display

It could be a limiting factor for people having incompatible iPads. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the latest iPadOS 13 software update, then the Sidecar feature will not work. Some of the compatible iPads are iPad Pro (with 12.8-inch, 11-inch, 10.5-inch, and 9.7-inch screen), iPad (6th-generation), iPad Mini (5th-generation), iPad Mini 4, iPad Air (3rd-generation) and iPad Air 2.

You, Will, Need Compatible Mac To Work With Sidecar

Even if you have a compatible iPad, this doesn’t mean you are eligible to use a Mac display with Sidecar. There are a few versions of Mac which support Sidecar. Some of them are MacBook Pro (2016 model or later), MacBook (2016 model or later), MacBook Air (2018 model or later), iMac(2016 model or later), iMac Retina (late 2015 model with 27-inch screen), iMac Pro, Mac mini (2018 model or later) and Mac Pro (2019 model).

Head-To-Toe Guide For Using Sidecar As External Mac Display
Head-To-Toe Guide For Using Sidecar As External Mac Display

Establishing a connection between your iPad and Mac
As both of your devices have passed the compatibility test, here is the next step – connecting each other successfully. You can establish the connection by using a charging cable or BT (Bluetooth technology). However, Bluetooth will have a restriction of the range, which is 10-meter of nearness. The final nail in the coffin will be logging to the same iCloud account from both devices.

Setting Up Mac Display With Sidecar After Successfully Connecting iPad And Mac

As the connection is, established. Whether through wired or wireless media, click on Mac’s AirPlay menu. You will get two options to access Mac’s display, 1) Mirroring screen and 2) Extending the desktop display.
In the mirror display option, your Mac screen will be shown on the iPad. You will be able to access the same apps on both screens at the same time. Whereas, in the extended screen option, there will be two screens shown on your iPad. With this functionality, you can work simultaneously on both the screens, like play music on one and open document on another.

Accessible App On External Mac Display With Sidecar

There are only a few apps accessible till now, but you can hope for more in the coming days. Some of the accessible apps are Adobe Illustrator, Maya, Affinity Designer & Photo, Painter, Cinema 4D, CorelDraw, Sketch, DaVinci Resolve, Motion, Principle, Substance Designer & Painter, Final Cut Pro, and ZBrush.

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