Healthy Gaming: How Much Is Enough?

Healthy Gaming: Playing Computer Games Healthily

Okay, perhaps I shouldn’t be the spokesperson for this kind of topic of healthy playing of computer games. Because first off, I am slightly overweight. Second, I have high blood pressure and I can feel the heat rise up to my face whenever I play a game of Dotes with my friends and some of them start running around like headless chickens all over the map. What usually happens is that when two of my friends in DotA decide that it’s a good choice to not take the game seriously because they believe that the game gets funnier every second. Unfortunately, it doesn’t and we end up losing because of their antics.

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Healthy Gaming Is The New Trend

So what I’m trying to say to my fellow gamers is that since we’re also just human beings, we need to be able to take care of our bodies as well. Whenever you binge play on a certain the whole day, your leg muscles will feel weak and you’ll be plagued with cramps sometime soon. Also, eating junk food and soda all day will ruin your digestive system. Not to mention, diabetes is fast becoming the number one killer for most young to middle-aged adults of today. And because all you do is eat while playing computer games, expect to gain a few more pounds within the month or two.

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It’s our responsibility to remain healthy even if you are a gamer at heart. No, slash that, you need to stay healthy if you are a true gamer at heart. It’s because we all want to continue enjoying those games that we need to mind our health. Hand and eye coordination are dependent on a body that healthy. In order to keep yourself healthy, here are some very important but basic tips on how to stay healthy while playing or enjoying your computer games.

Watch What You Eat

Do potato chips and soda enter your mind whenever you’re busy fighting enemies during binging on computer games? If that is the case, then perish the thought of tiptoeing towards the fridge for a very late midnight snack. Instead of grabbing a bag of Cheetos and a can of Coke or Sprite, why not have an apple instead? Or how about a loaf of bread and some water for refreshment? People tend to favor junk foods and soda because of the high sugar and salt content that these things have. Sugar tends to keep you awake while playing games at night, but nevertheless, keeping your sugar and salt in check is essential to your health.

Stretch And Exercise From Time To Time

If you find yourself too bored to play games, then get up and start walking outside. Or you can do push-ups and stretches while the game is still loading to keep your body limber and to relax those cramped up leg muscles. Just because you’re at home gaming doesn’t really give you the excuse to not exercise at all. In fact, I read an article about one guy who was extremely huge because all he ever did was play games. He was around 600 pounds and was having trouble trying to stand up! When he finally decided that he wanted to lose weight, he started with simple leg exercises and stretches until he can finally start moving on his own. From there, he underwent a very strict diet and exercise regimen that he finally started losing weight rapidly. 

Don’t Get Too Stressed Over It

If you feel that your game is not progressing well and all that stress and anger starts to build up in your mind, it’s time to relax. Stand up, take a deep breath and relax. Remember that it’s all just computer games and that you shouldn’t take it too seriously.

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