How Do You Get A Good Pair Of Gaming Headsets? Are They Useful?


 It depends upon personal preferences mostly. No doubt, wireless gaming Headsets are more convenient, but there are a few practical things that you need to consider.

1. How often/long do you game? If that is a few hours every day, then you also need to factor in other things like how long can a charge last on a wireless headphone. You don’t want to be in stranding with a headphone with no charge. Nor do you want to be stuck with something that requires frequent charging.

2. What platform you game on? Is it mobile? or console? Is it a PC? On a handheld console wireless headphones offer little advantage. Same with PC since the setup is fixed. The most significant benefit is there in semi-portable consoles that are to play at a distance from the TV so that long wires can be a hassle. Even there some console controllers nowadays offer a headphone jack that can alleviate the problem of long cables.

3. Reliability. Often I’ve (personally) had difficulties in establishing a Bluetooth connection. I’ve also read about numerous reports online about people having a difficult time connecting their Bluetooth devices. I’ve also read about the outcry on companies ditching the headphone jack in favor of entirely wireless audio. So I think I’m not the only one who has had BT issues [1]. When I’m gaming, the last thing I want is a device failure. Wired headphones are more reliable for me.

 Bluetooth is a proper protocol. It all depends on how it is implementing in the device you want to connect as well as the device you want to compare it with.

How Do You Get A Good Pair Of Gaming Headsets? Are They Useful?
How Do You Get A Good Pair Of Gaming Headsets? Are They Useful?

Are The Gaming Headsets Good For Your Health?

Wireless earphones, as the name suggests, produce sound wirelessly through Radio Frequencies, which effectively puts a Radio Transceiver in/around your ear. What wireless earphone/headphone does, is replaced by one radio transmitting device with another while increasing the distance between your cellphone and head. Allow me to be thorough about the Query. The fact addressed by Environmental Health Trust’s studies on radiation and cellphone usage regarding people talking on their phones while holding them directly in contact with their ear nearest to memory temporal lobes leads to the development of cancer and tumors.

How Do You Get A Good Pair Of Gaming Headsets? Are They Useful?
How Do You Get A Good Pair Of Gaming Headsets? Are They Useful?

Know More On The Same

These devices aren’t as harmful as the ones which emit ionizing radiation like X-ray, BUT excessive usage of both has a long term effect. “With phones today, we are kind of where we were with cigarettes back in ‘mid-20th century,” some said they are not harmful, some said they are; now everyone agrees they are. “My understanding is that the current generation of phones contains more sophisticated accelerometers. They indicate when the phone is held next to the head and automatically put the phone on the lowest power possible, to both save battery life and reduce [RF] exposure to the brain or body”. Those with concerns, to place more distance between their body and the source of the RF, such as using a hands-free device. And they should reduce their talk time.” should either use wired earphones for talking and listening to music or a hands-free music system.

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