How To Overclock Your Computer’s RAM?

How to Overclock Your Computer’s RAM?

Want to get the optimal performance from your gaming computer but don’t want to buy new expensive parts? Don’t worry, and we got your back. We will tell you how you can easily overclock your computer’s RAM safely to take full advantage of your gaming rig without getting your parts overheated and suffering throttle neck. 

Things To Know Before You Overclock Your RAM?

Overclocking the ram can help you find the real power of your processor can handle and work with. In case you are looking for a faster PC with excellent gaming performance, it’s tough to avoid your RAM, but there certain precautions that you need to keep in mind while overclocking your RAM.

How to Overclock Your Computer’s RAM?
How to Overclock Your Computer’s RAM?

Before you start with the procedure of overclocking, you need to check whether your RAM is compatible with overclocking. You can easily see your RAM speed in your task manager. 

Check what’s the maximum speed, clock rate, and voltage your CPU can handle. You can go beyond the given number, but all of it depends on how much your CPU can take the pain. If anything goes wrong with these calculations, your system may get some severe damage.

Get To Know Your RAM Timings

It’s relatively straightforward when it comes to overclocking the RAMs. But you surely need to check the speed of your RAM before moving any further in the process. For individuals using the AMD Ryzen system, you don’t need to worry as AMD has built-in software called the Ryzen DRM calculator. This software will find out the perfect timing and the clock speed of your RAM.

On the other hand, if you are using an Intel system, you can still use the software to calculate your RAM timings.

Once you download the software, open it up, and fill the required details, and press the calculate safe button. Furthermore, you can calculate your multiple timing and find out which one suits you the best. 

Overclock RAM From BIOS

Now let’s move to the exciting part. Overclocking the RAM. It is required that you save the screenshot and details of the calculator on a different device. As once you enter the BIOS, you can’t use your windows. 

After that, you need to turn off your PC and need to restart it again. To get into the BIOS setting, keep pressing the ‘Del’ button repeatedly on your keyboard. Once you are in your computer’s  BIOS, find the section where you can tweak the memory settings and load your memories XMP profile. Keep the frequency you desire from your RAM. In case you are not interested in tweaking the timing, keep the schedule unchanged and update the RAM frequency. 

Now look at the screenshot in your mobile and start putting the details in the order. Please double-check all your details. In the case of  Intel users, you only need to enter your RAM’s primary timing and keep the other things on auto. The machine will pick it up.

How to Overclock Your Computer’s RAM?
How to Overclock Your Computer’s RAM?

Once you are done with it, save the settings, and move to voltage control. Here you need to enter the DRAM voltage. Be cautious while selecting the voltage anything lower than 1.45 V won’t harm your system. 

At last, save the setting and exit from the BIOS screen. Restart your system, and there you go now all you need to do is check if the overclocking did give you any performance boost by using benchmark tools. 

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