How to Play PC Games for Free

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Playing games is one of the biggest pastimes of the young generation. Be it on old consoles, or TV, or even the newest additions like phones, playing in PC has a separate fan base. Though many play those by buying it, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, you can also play PC games for free. There are many ways like free websites or giveaways to play these. Here are some ways how you can play PC games for free.

IGN Beta Giveaway – to Play PC Games for Free

If you love to play new games for free, you probably know the IGN Beta Giveaway. The biggest positive of this website is that they always host new and premium games, so you can download it and play this for free. They even allow more giveaways for their members. If you are a prime member of the website, you can even get access to a string of paid games, by redeeming your beta code. So, if you love to get early access to a currently popular game, you must keep an eye on the website.

How to Play PC Games for Free
How to Play PC Games for Free

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is a website that boasts of having more than 6000 free PC games. More than 400 gaming companies and publishers work with this website. Though this website is not like any other website mentioned in this article, the other website gives you the option to download it for free. But, this website is not free. Though you need to buy games from this website, the website gives you a free monthly giveaway to play a particular paid game. They provide you a key to Steam and you can have the game for free.

My Abandonware

My Abandonware is such a website where you can download and play games that are abandoned by different developers. This website is a treasure full of different genres of games. Many of which is one of the bestselling classics of all time. No registration, no ruckus, you can play on the go. Racing games like Need for Speed, action strategy games like Warcraft are some of the huge collections of games that are around 14000.

One of the best things on this website is its interface. Its easy to search characteristic is one of the biggest pros of the website.

How to Play PC Games for Free
How to Play PC Games for Free

Ocean of games

Some websites give you access to play the games for free, but most of the websites make you register or sign up to get access to the games. Ocean of Games is one of those websites where you do not need to sign up or register to get access to the games. Whichever genre you want to play, you can get many options on the website. Be it action, be it arcade, or strategy-based, you can play all these free. The most significant part of the website is that you can many not-so-old games. Even much classic game series like Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto games can be played for free.

Steam – Website to Play PC Games for Free

Though Steam is a paid service provider, Steam also has many communities and groups. And all these groups give away games that you can play legally. Some of the users also provide many steam keys or even game cards for others. So, they can play games free of cost. Steam is one of the best gaming websites where you do not need to download any games. You can play games online. So, you do not need to worry about the hard disk also.

There are many more ways like websites, Reddit, and many more which you can use to play games. You can be a part of a giveaway group and have a go in your favorite genres of games you like.

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