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How To Speed Up Your Playstation 4’s Downloads

Users of Sony’s PlayStation 4 have complained about slow download speeds specifically in the original model introduced in 2014. Reason for this cannot always be the software or hardware running in the background. Network issues and Wi-Fi problems can also have an important role to play in this case. So, how to speed up downloads on PS 4?

Have a look at the tips below:

How To Speed Up Your Playstation 4’s Downloads
How To Speed Up Your Playstation 4’s Downloads

How To Speed Up PS 4 Downloads: Some Quick Tips

Following some essential tips will not only improve the download speed on PS4 but almost on any device.

Stop Other Downloads And Streams On Your Device

First of all, know that your internet connectivity shares bandwidth among all the devices. It means that if you stream Netflix or download a file on your device, things might get slow for you. So, if you are looking to get the maximum speed, stop all the other streams and downloads on your device. It will allow your PS4 to take in all the bandwidth it requires.

How To Speed Up Downloads: Limit Other Transfers

Lining up several downloads on the PS4 will have similar effects. It will be sharing available bandwidth with the queued up downloads. Therefore, if you want a particular download on your PS4 to finish off fast, pause the other transfers.

Do Not Play Online Games When The Download Is On

Last but not least; avoid playing online games when you are downloading on the PS4 in the background. It is something that limits the speed of download drastically. Also, the download will have a negative influence on your game performance. It might also result in connection issues and lag spikes putting you at a complete disadvantage.

Stop And Get Going With Your Download

Pausing the download on your system for some time and then going with it back again can be of good help. If you find your PS4 dragging over a new game download or a huge update, pause the download and resume it all over again. This tips can help get things back on track.

Pausing and then resuming the download all over again will take some time but hopefully, it will be quicker. Also, you will find the download displaying shorter estimated time to complete. PS4 users can carry out this step several times, especially when they notice the download speed dipping again.

How To Speed Up Your Playstation 4’s Downloads
How To Speed Up Your Playstation 4’s Downloads

How About Using Wired Connection?

Your Wi-Fi connection might be prone to disturbances, and it can even be very slow. After all, you do not have any control over the weather. Also, if you are using an advanced router, your neighbor’s Wi-Fi channel might be causing the problem.

So, the key here is ditching the wireless connection and going for a wired one for gaining more stable network connectivity. Using an Ethernet cable will make things work for you. Also, the original PlayStation 4 is not suitable for wireless connections. Thus, going for a wired connection is always a good idea. It will improve download performance and speed on both Pro and Slim hardware revisions.

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