How We Got Brother Aegis From DotA

Online Game For Boys Story: Brother's Aegis From DotA

I was playing the most awesome online game for boys one afternoon when someone sent me a message on Facebook. It was from my brother, Jake.

Back in the good old days when I was still an active player, my brother and I would summon our goons for a good game of 5 on 5 DotA. It was just last year when the International 2018 started and Valve’s Battle Pass was just released to the public for the first time. This brother of mine has money and he definitely has money for DotA so he immediately brought the expensive Battle Pass. He can just skip over to Level 75 of the Battle Pass challenge. With that he can immediately get all the freebies that comes witth the pass.

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We Received an Aegis Via Mail

So forward to this date, Jake told me that he received something from the mail. When I asked why he was bothering me with this in the middle of the day, he then sent me a picture. It was a replica of the Aegis of Champions. Yes, the very same Aegis that Pro players battle for.

Yes, it’s a replica, but damn was I jealous! I immediately inquired why he got one in the first place. Apparently, my brother explained to me that as a reward for spending a heap ton of money on last International’s Battle Pass. This is why Valve sent him a replica of the Aegis of Champions as their way of saying thanks for his contribution.

Is It Just All About The Money Now?

And so my brother is the proud recipient of a replica of the Aegis of Champions from Valve. Even if other DotA players would argue that it’s nothing to be proud of or to talk about. And it just made me realize something. Here’s my brother, a casual DotA player, and Valve just handed him a replica of the Aegis that easily. And it is all because my brother spend money in the marketplace of this online game for boys. The revenue coming from the sales is then used for the actual prize money for the International tournament every year. In essence, what Valve and DotA 2 cares about are the players who pay for the game.

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The Sad Reality

Now I am not saying that just because you don’t want to pay an extra $100 or $200 for an Arcana set makes you a bad player. It is still the skills and the determination of a player that should make him a star in the game. I am merely stating this fact because there are way too many noisy roosters in this game. As most of my friends tell me all the time, DotA 2 “has the most toxic gaming community among all MOBA games”. And sadly, I couldn’t agree more with their statement.

The sad fact is that most players who pay for extra skins and couriers get mocked. Other players are just a bunch of spoiled rich kids who really don’t know anything about DotA. Even I, a 30-year-old man, get the same treatment every time I play an online ranked game. Well, I’m sorry; if my being a responsible old man who earns money while managing to still enjoy a good game of DotA offends you. But the truth is, we are the kind of players that DotA needs. We who give money to Valve so that they’ll keep improving the game are the ones you should be thankful for.

It’s because of players like me and my brother and the many other “spoiled rich kids” you mock during the game who are keeping the game alive.

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