Just 1 Hour Gaming May Improve Attention


Many people love to play video games. There are different kinds of video games having action, fighting games, etc. Playing these games for long hours is not a good habit. The parents often stop their children from playing video games. However, many studies prove that 1-hour gaming has many benefits. They can improve their attention and focus. In this article, we explain some studies that demonstrate how 1-hour gaming can enhance your concentration. Therefore, you must go through this article until the end.

Just 1 Hour Gaming May Improve Attention
Just 1 Hour Gaming May Improve Attention

The scientists from the University of Electronic Science and Technology conducted a study. The research is done on the participants playing game League of Legends for one hour. In their research, they found that persons participated in this activity experience changes in the activity of the brain. These persons have now improved focus on a piece of specific information. The 29 male participants participated in this research. Then, the scientists check their visual selective attention before and after playing the game.

The scientists refer to the “Visual selective attention” as the focus power of the brain. Moreover, these persons discard all the distractions, which show the very effective use of their mind.

1 Hour Gaming Boosts Brain Attention

The Visual selective attention was measured by a unique method. There are squares flashed on the screen. The participants need to tell the position of the second square related to the first one. Moreover, the scientists also use electroencephalogram (EEG) machine to monitor their brain activity. After playing one hour of the game, all the persons demonstrated improved attention than before.

The study shows a measurable increase in brain activity. Moreover, it also improves selective attention scores. However, these scientists cannot give the duration for lasting of these effects after one hour of gaming. Therefore, it needs more studies to get a precise outcome.

Moreover, this study included only a small group of people. Therefore, these effects can vary from individual to individual.

Just 1 Hour Gaming May Improve Attention
Just 1 Hour Gaming May Improve Attention

Some New Findings Add To Growing Evidence

In the above paragraphs, we have learned about a study that shows how these games may improve attention. Moreover, research in the year 2010 is another evidence about the gaming result. It shows that playing video games can enhance focus on military training as well as in education.

Some video games, when played moderately, can improve creativity and decision-making skills. Moreover, they can also enhance mental rotation, hand-eye coordination, and peripheral vision. The games which require teamwork can also develop collaboration skills. However, you must choose a mind-challenging action game. Do not get emotionally attached to any video game. Gaming can also have ill effects if you play a negative game. 

The people playing nearly one hour appears to show good sociability. They experience less emotional and social problems than others. These people are more contented with their lives. However, there are many people playing games for a longer duration. It can have harmful effects on both mind and body.

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