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In the computer game Madagascar, players take on the role of one of four animals who have been shipwrecked on the titular island. The objective is to help the player character make their way back to civilization while avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles along the way.

The game is called “Madagascar: Operation Penguin.” It was released on October 18, 2008, by Activision. The goal of the video game is to rescue penguins from poachers in Antarctica. The player fights against the evil boss, Captain Chantel Dubois who wants to steal all of Antarctica’s penguins and sell them at an auction in Monte Carlo, Monaco. To win this battle, you’ll need quick reflexes, good strategy skills, and patience as it takes a while for things to happen on screen! You can play with up to two players or alone if you want. There are 12 levels which each have its challenges like fighting off poachers and saving baby penguins. Occasionally, you will need to fly around in a helicopter as well as to jump out of it; this is done by using the space bar. You must make sure the helicopter lands safely otherwise your health meter will go down! If you defeat all 12 levels, Madagascar: Operation Penguin has a surprise ending for you to find out about.

Developed For Windows:

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The game was developed by Activision and first released in 2005 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Wii, and Game Boy Advance platforms. Versions for iOS and Android devices were later released in 2009. A sequel titled Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa was released in 2008.

Types of Weapons:

There are three different types of weapons that can be found and used throughout the game including mines that blow up any poacher or airplane within 50 feet of impact, they only work on land though; missiles that shoot from your helicopter and destroy anything in one hit but gets rid of your precious fuel; and flare guns which, when fired at an enemy, will either scare him off or make him go crazy with anger.

If you find yourself stuck on a level, here are some tips that might help you out:

  • Try to only fight the enemies closest to your penguin character because if an enemy ever gets too close to it, you will be in trouble and almost certainly lose the game;
  • I found that when fighting enemies in groups, sometimes shooting one mine at them can destroy all of them.
  • Onboard poacher planes there is always ammo lying around somewhere so feel free to use whatever weapons you like when necessary;
  • Sometimes taking the helicopter and flying in circles around pieces of land (poachers, planes, or anything else in your path can’t touch you).
  • The game is the same no matter which level you play on, it just gets harder as you go along. Good luck and happy playing.
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