Most Addictive Top Mobile Games For Android

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There are probably more mobile game apps on playstore than any other topic. The top mobile games constitute for the majority of app downloads on the android play store. Playing mobile games often relates to destressing oneself. There are games in every genre possible. People start playing games to kill time. However, chances of getting hooked to any game is more amongst children. But what gets disturbing is the fact that these games turn addictive after a point of time. In this article, We will check some most addictive games and what factors make them so addictive.

Top Mobile Games To Sharpen Your Mind

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Since its inception android mobile games have come a long way in innovation. Remember the days of talking tom? Well, mind games are proving to be more engaging than ever. They consume less time and throw a sort of mind challenge. This makes your brain more sharp, improves memory and trains your brain to develop better attention.

Elevate is one such favourite game in this genre. There is personalized training for the brain and a set of 30 other games in it. It has been Apple’s app of the year in 2014. Fits brain trainer, Brainwell and Brain wars are a few other gaming apps to sharpen your mind. These games get really addictive too as our brain is made to accept the challenges it throws.

Action Mobile Games That Won’t Let You Go

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Action games are probably the most addictive ones in the entire play store. The thrill makes it more exciting. These are the types of games that parents don’t want their children to get addicted to. To name a few, Call Of Duty is one such multiplayer action game. The user interface is really good. And voice chat also adds to the addiction. Other games are Garena Free Fire, Asphalt 9, Sniper 3D and the likes. You must keep a check on time when you start playing these games. 

What Makes Top Mobile Games So Addictive?

The reward center in our brain controls the addiction. And the chemical responsible for this is ‘dopamine’. As we play a particular game, the pleasure center in our brain wants us to win. This makes you stick to the routine of playing. When the game gets very intense we lose perception of time. Thus people with anxiety can find games very helpful for them.

The bright colours and fancy sounds in the game are meant for a reason. According to research, these factors keep you in loop. Games like Candy Crush follow this niche. The constant change in colours, eventually leading you a level up, generates addiction. Our mind is designed in such a way that even meditative games can be addictive. Next time you download a gaming app, set your time frame. Good Luck!


Mobile games were meant to destress yourself. But time has taken its own toll on us. Hence playing with caution is advised. One must learn the art to enjoy things without getting addicted to it.

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