Multiplayer Games Online Tips: Essential Dota Strategies

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Now you can start leaving in anger, sputtering complaints about why I, a player with probably the lowest MMR ever, have the audacity to write such a post. Well complain all you want and I probably won’t even care. But, for the hundreds (or even thousands) of new players who wish to truly enjoy and learn the game, then this article post is for you. Or maybe if you’re one of those people who also enjoy DotA but started on the wrong path and now stuck with bad players. If you are any of these individuals mentioned. Then I am sure you will enjoy this blog post.

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So are you ready to discover the reasons why you still suck at one of Valve’s most popular multiplayer games online? If your answer is a big YES, then here we go:

You Don’t Know How To “Last Hit”

Okay, I confess. Even I am still far from perfect when it comes to last-hitting. I think almost every player I know have gone through that phase yet. Heck, even the mighty Dendi or Miracle or Abed must’ve had some point in their life where last-hitting was a real chore. However, unlike most of us noobs, the professionals never quit in perfecting the art of last-hitting. They spend hours and hours of playing and reviewing multiplayer games online and they learn everything they can to improve their last-hitting skills. So perhaps we, the noobs, just lack commitment. And it’s really no excuse because even DotA itself has a last-hit trainer; all you had to do was just spend a few hours there every day.

You Are Unsure About Your Role

Pop quiz time! What are the five major roles within a team of DotA players? Answers anyone? If you can’t answer this question at all, then you have a serious problem. Most players nowadays still have no clear answer when it comes to party roles. Until today, everyone still wants to be the midlaner and no one wants to play 4th or 5th position support because of their pathetic ego. If that’s your way of thinking, then don’t be surprised why you’re not moving up in the MMR ladder.

You Do Not Study The Meta

DotA is one of those multiplayer games online where change is always on the go. So if you don’t adapt to those changes, then you might as well get out of the game and uninstall it. Whenever a new update comes out for the game, it’s your responsibility to learn about the new patch and gameplay changes. You can definitely use this knowledge to learn more about the characters you play. This allows you to counter these characters should your opponent use them in the game.

You Still Pick Useless Items During The Game

Itemization is the key to victory, young grasshopper. Victory relies on the first items you’ve picked while the first ten seconds start ticking before game time. So if your first items are Boots of Speed and a Tango, then congratulations, you’re bound to fail your team. Learn to pick the right items for the right situation and you’ll be winning ranked matches in no time at all.

You Don’t Know How To Work With Teammates

As you all know, DotA is one of the best multiplayer games online team effort is extremely crucial. So if you’re one of those kids who love strutting about high kill rates and start sulking whenever you’re killed by a gank from your opponents because you’re always farming in the jungle, then do your teammates a favor and log out of the game. The only way to win in a serious game of Dotes is through teamwork and proper communication with your team. Make sure that they know your plans before executing them. Do this and you’ll be leading your team to victory even if the odds were against you during the first fifteen minutes of the game!

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